This is what our driveway looked like last night around 6pm.  What happened to that little taste of Spring?  Gone, dear friends, gone into the distant sunset and replaced with cold and ice and fluttering snowflakes…all of which makes me dive even deeper into my stash of wool.  First, let me thank all the readers and knitters and fiber enthusiasts out there…we have a total of 42 countries following this blog!  Welcome and hello to each and every one of you!  The newest country to sign in this week is Italy AND we now have two readers in Estonia!  While about 2/3 of the readership is right here in the United States, a full third is international and that thrills me too!  At the top of all the countries is my beloved Netherlands…hello Corina, Miriam and Gerri!  I enjoy corresponding with you when you write…so send photos and let me know what you are creating!

Suzy made a one-skein triangle scarf with a ruffle edge.

This is a triangle scarf Suzy made from one skein of Saratoga and some Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk for the edge (almost two balls — about 100 yards for the edge ruffle).  I tried to rotate the picture but the computer refuses to cooperate.  Maybe rotate your view screen…sigh…  This is a beautiful scarf, all snug and beautiful colors.  Suzy found the pattern on Ravelry as a free download.  Maybe when Suzy reads this she will leave a comment with the name of the pattern for us!  I love what she did and the feel of this piece.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Mawata

Interestingly enough, we all seemed to be “on” the same color-frequency this week.  Above are the mawata I ordered and was lucky enough to receive already from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  I ordered two 20g packs in Briar Rose and one in Blackbird (planning to use the Blackbird as an edge).  An edge for what?  Lisa and I decided Spring is or must be very near.  We already have one pair of natural colored silk mawata mittens.  We are using these mawata for a triangle scarf to wear into the change of seasons.  I wrote a simple pattern yesterday for this:

Mawata Triangle Scarf:  using two yards of waste yarn caste on three stitches and knit several rows with the waste yarn.  Then begin knitting with silk from the mawata…knit 8 rows.  Next: place marker after those three stitches, pick up and knit three stitches in the garter edge you have just knit with those 8 rows, place another marker, take out the waste yarn carefully and knit across those three remaining live stitches.  (9 stitches total: three edge sts, three spine stitches, and three other edge stitches).

Row 1:  Knit into the front and back of the first stitch, make one stitch by backwards loop cast on, knit to first marker (center three stitches = spine of scarf), yarnover, slip marker, knit three stitches, slip marker, yarnover, knit to end of row.  (RIGHT SIDE)

Row 2:  Kfb (knit into front and back of st), make one, K1, PURL to last 3 stitches, K3.  (WRONG SIDE)

Please only count your stitches AFTER  a wrong side row is complete…then there should be the same number of stitches on each side of the center three sping stitches.

I am hoping to do an Estonian lace edging for the bottom border of my scarf…subject, however, to change of mind and mood. :-p

Here is the beginning of Lisa's Mawata Scarf.

This is the beginning of my Mawata Scarf.

I love how the yarnovers show off the fiber…the colors in the fiber and the sheen of the silk.  If you try this, please send photos…I love to see what you are inspired to do…this way the blog is more of a conversation and less of a monologue.

Lisa feeling her colors Thursday...shirt, scarf, yarn, and mawata ALL ABSOLUTELY MATCH!

I see this all the time here at the studio…a customer comes in, dressed nicely in a certain selection of colors…and everything they pick out that day is the same set of colors.  Lisa went above and beyond though…really, she did not plan this…The mawata we had ordered together…and the color we chose did not look anything like what arrived…not a problem though!  I think this is the best when people can really be in touch with the colors they are feeling on any given day regardless of the season, holiday or any other influencing events.  These fibers are for your Artwork…let it all flow from your heart.

Donna stopped by today with two projects to share.  She completed another version of The Yarn Harlot’s Encompass, this time in creme Pastaza…just two skeins over 200 stitches and it is gorgeous.   The pattern can be found on Ravelry and purchased through The Yarn Harlot’s online Ravelry store.   Here is a photo:

The Yarn Harlot’s Encompass Cowl
Donna also completed and was kind enough to model another sweater this winter.  This sweater was made from five skeins of Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool (one of my personal fav’s…Barbara Stauffer is also using this yarn for her Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan/KAL).  Here is the photo of Donna’s project:

Donna's Silky Wool pullover.

As always, I am loving my mailman.  Yesterday, the Blackthorn doublepoint needles arrived…they are made out of the same carbon material the Stealth Bomber is made from.  They have awesome tips and are supposed to have the feel of wood.  I began a pair of socks for my husband on them last night…the same socks The Yarn Harlot is working on for her husband from:  Around the World in Knitted Socks (It’s Tea Time).  The pattern is well-written, easy to follow and it is not a boring knit.  The needles are easy to work on and do not create pressure points on my hands, even after a long period of knitting.  They do not feel like wood to me.  They are not slick, which for some knitters is a real plus.  Their dark color is also a plus…my husband usually chooses dark colors and sometimes these colors “bleed” onto my needles.  Not a problem with these needles!  I like these needles, but have to confess to loving the Signature Arts needles a bit more.

Just Google Blackthorn Knitting Needles and you will find the site right away!

These needles are by Chris Hanner & Co., LLC and are distributed by .  One set of US1 (2.5mm) cost $34.95 and is worth every penny. 
The other arrival came today in the mail:  a package of new books from Schoolhouse Press.  This package began because I am interested in the pattern by Beverly Royce about Anna Makarovna’s Secret Stockings (Schoolhouse Press Pattern #6).  Then the shipping made it seem…like well, I ought to order more.  So I did.  I am going to cuddle up to “Latvian Mittens” by Lizbeth Upitis, Veronica Gainford’s Kilthose book, and Katherine Misegades “And a time to knit stockings”, as well as the secret stocking pattern.  Those and a cup of chamomile tea should make for a nice evening (that and five cats, four birds and two howling dogs…).  Next week I am hoping for a shipment from Yarnissima to arrive…sock kits of course!
It would seem I have been emulating Tolstoy in my musings today.  Time to go type the pattern for next month’s sock club.  I did finish knitting the first sock and Thank You Merike Saarniit AGAIN for your timeless Estonian inspiration.  Without Merike, these socks would never have poured themselves off the tips of my needles.  More on this soon…still a couple spots left in this March club list if you are interested.  The kit is $30 plus shipping.  Will post a photo of the sock in tomorrow’s blog.
Take care and seek inspiration from Today!
With loads of love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio  😀