a drawing by Shel Silverstein in my son's textbook

We have eleven pets at home.  It is crazytown and I would not have it any other way.  I spend time with each of my “home” pets everyday.  I have a routine and games with every single one of them.  I have always been more at ease with children and animals than anyone else.  It is also likely, when I meet people that I will remember their pets names before I am able to remember their names…I’m not proud of this, it is just a fact.  I am also VERY near-sighted.  One time I went up to someone whom I thought was my friend Charis with her new dog…got right down with that sweet dog all kissy lovey…turns out it was a complete stranger visiting with my trainer (again, thank you Joy for smoothing that situation over)…awkward.  Talk about needing to LOOK before leaping.  The knitters and friends of Summit Yarn are very aware of my love of all four-legged creatures and I get regular visits from their dogs especially.  I always have healthy dog treats on hand just for this purpose.

One of my most favorite occasions is when a Summit Yarner gets a new puppy.  This past week Suzy and John brought home a puppy who was meant for them.  She is six months old, squirmy, leggy, chewy, and all-over adorable.  Her name is Eleanor, or Ellie for short.  We got to meet her (only once) this week…though Suzy has made unfulfilled promises of more visits. (!) :-p  I even have a gift on the table waiting for Eleanor.  Here are the arrival photos and I am sure there will be more to come as she is just so darn adorable!

Suzy, the proud Mama with her new baby, Eleanor.

Don't you just love the sassitude of those eyebrows!

Eleanor takes a rest from being fussed over.

Brian catches kisses and puppy tummy...Eleanor loved him!

And I just love Eleanor...When are you coming to see me?

My friend and former Tai Chi teacher, Si Gung Conrad Blasko, who now lives way south of here on the edge of Pennsylvania with his beautiful wife, Nadine, and two cats and my beloved friends, Calliope and Karma (Lhasa Apsos)…emailed me today. He and Nadine have adopted another baby, this time a boy Lhasa Apso…named Buddha.  He is just too cute and looks like he has a mustache.  I guess Si Gung felt the need to even the odds up at home!

Little Lord Buddha

In previous posts you have met Eve Ellsworth’s cat, Martha’s dog Jaddu, Robin’s dogs Daisy and Bear, Donna’s dog Daisy, Tracy’s dogs Aslan & the Maltese Twins, and many others.  Upon occasion you have seen photos of my own babies.  Here are a few more just to round out the day:

These are my lovebirds, Helen and Henry. Lovebirds are the smallest parrots and are very smart. Helen is determined to hatch a chick and currently has eight eggs scattered around the cage.

This is Adele, one of my cockatiels. She is very sweet and has a beautiful albeit highly repetitive song. She likes to stand on my finger and lets me tickle her back.

This is my dear, dear Maggie, named after Knit Designer Maggie Jackson. Maggie loves to have the last word, sings answer and response with me and has a lot to say always.

This is Smidgen...she was just a tiny thing for the longest time. Now, like me, she is more of a cube...a very solid cube...like the Borg...resistance is futile. You will be loved.

A close-up of my Sinfonia, which is the only kind of photo I seem to be able to take of her since she is always laying on my head or neck. She likes to watch movies on the iPad with me at night. She is highly offended if I choose to read a book instead. Go figure.

These are the brothers-in-arms, Sputters and Nikkers. My life would be incomplete without them.

This is my son's cat, Durga. He is a rescue right off the street. One of my knitter's thought she could adopt him, but was allergic and wound up in the hospital with asthma. He has lived with us for seven years now and is our old man. If he is asleep on the bed with my son, then I know Brian is really asleep too and not just playing possum.

Whitney, on the left, and Daisy, in the pink coat are the bosses of the downstairs...they think. They also do not know they are dogs and regularly lay in my lap. They love to learn new tricks and mostly to cuddle as close to me as possible.

Right now I am sitting up in bed with the computer in my lap, Smidgen at my left hip and Sinfonia at my right hip.  Nikkers is pouting on the floor next to the bed because his brother chose to go sleep with Brian and Durga tonight.

I know Corina, in The Netherlands, has an adorable cat who regularly inspects her knitting progress.  I would love to hear about your pets…and see photos.  We are so lucky to have these wonderful beings in our lives.

Nikkers...must have this yogurt...how do you get it open?

Take care and have a wonderful day! xox Mary Ellen and clan… 😀