Estonian-Inspired top-down sock with a special stitch from Merike Saarniit

For weeks, I was surrounded by amazing colors from The Great Adirondack Yarn Company.  So what caught my eye for the March Summit Sock Club?  Brown and Blue.  And Green.  The wound balls of yarn sat on my bookshelf where I could look at them many times a day waiting for the idea for this sock to gel.  Slowly, pages copied from books and magazines made a little stack.  Finally, I just picked up the needles and cast on.  This sock is the result and I think it is one of my most favorite designs to ever come off the tips of my needles.  It was more like it channeled through me, like Spring wells up through the middle of the trees and plants until the leaves bud forth in exuberant melange.  Today, I succeeded in getting the pattern typed as well as the alternate pattern for this month, a pattern for mittens knit in sock-weight yarn (or for the daring among you…Mawata!).  I still have about 14 hours to spare!  Maybe I could put that off a little more next time…whew!

There are still three spaces available for this sock club kit.  Each month is $30 plus shipping and anyone is welcome to participate.  This has been a great journey so far and every month has sold out.  I invite you to join us in getting our knit on!

Chris finished her February socks today.  She knit them two at a time using magic loop technique and changed direction to knit them from the toe-up.  They are absolutely GORGEOUS!  Here is the photo she just sent me:

Chris Spatt's TWIZZLE Socks!

I do have to get to work on the square for this week — a simple and elegant knit/purl square made from a stitch pattern rich in history.  And here is a hillarious double-decker cat photo from last night:

Take care and have a lovely evening…more tomorrow…lots of goodies arrived today!

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio