Seriously, do you ever stand over the toilet and know the person who used it before you probably put down just a little too much toilet paper…and there is all that running water…and my full bladder…and oh God! please let all the water go down not come back up?  Well, since my son is home-schooled and we share the restroom at the studio I find myself praying that prayer A LOT.  It seems to be a “mother of son(s)” thing.  One friend said he never needed a plunger until their son was born and then all bets were off and remain off.  Another friend said they had to always take a plunger with them on vacations.  At least, I am not alone in all this.

On a fibrous note of the more usual order, today was busy as all get out at Summit Yarn.  The first of the month always is now, as women come in, walk up to the table and just stare at me.  They are waiting for their monthly fix of sock yarn.  I really enjoy putting the packages together, after having lived with the designing of the sock for the previous month.  Thanks to Chris Spatt, all the kits were ready on time today.  We ran out of ink last night at home, so I had to finish printing at the studio this morning.

Chris's completed February socks: next time you come in the 50% off coupon will be waiting for you! Congratulations!

Chris is thus far the only person to complete the February kit…I am near the heels (working them two at a time on magic loop) but had to put them down so I could bring the March design together.  Chris knit hers two at a time from the toe-up, reversing the stitch pattern, and doing a short-row heel and tubular (or sewn) bind off.  She also does the twisted stitch sole for greater durability (see previous blog titled: “My Twisted Sole”).  Here are close-up photos of her work and it is lovely:


the twisted sole of Chris' sock...

Chris went straight home after class this morning and wound the new yarn for the March Estonian Sock...this kit is a great value with over 150g of sock yarn for only $30!

Estonian Sock for March Summit Sock Club design by M.E. Langieri

Lisa and Martha also came in today for their kits.  There are four colors of yarn in the kit and the brown is named after Milk Chocolate…so this is perhaps the only form of chocolate that is “okay” to have during the upcoming Lenten season!  Haha!  While this is an easy sock to knit there are lots of new techniques to learn.  Also included in the kit is my MAWATA MITTEN pattern since this was written for sock weight yarn.  Here is a photo of Lisa’s yarn all wound up:

All the yarn in this month's kit...yummmmm!

Lisa has been a very busy knitter:  she made a child’s hat last night and is up to the heel flap on her sock out of Abstract Fiber’s Sweet Pea sock yarn, and is getting ready to knit a Spring hat for her darling grandson, Spencer.

child's hat: cast on 240 sts and then join to work in round, first round k3tog around then work the rest of the hat just as usual...

Notice Lisa's Mawata Triangle Scarf...we are all working on these right now!

this is the first third of the cuff of Lisa's sock for the March Sock Club...notice the braid cast on edge!

I am all ready for this week’s Arsenic and Old Lace pattern release and I hope you will enjoy it!  Also please get to work on that edging…that is a very long road if you save it all for the end.  Oh and here is a little surprise I bet you weren’t expecting:

just below is the Mawata Mitten pattern just for you!xox M.E.

Mawata Mittens just click on those two highlighted words at left and the pdf will open for you to download.  If you are working with Mawata then let the yarn you draft be thick and thin…this okay…there are not any Mawata Police that I know of.  I like the slubby texture of my mittens and really enjoyed the process.  OR you can use any sock yarn…this is a great way to make pretty striped gloves as gifts with your sock knitting leftovers!

see the two bird's nests?

Have a great day/evening and I will see you here tomorrow…same bat time….same bat channel!  Loads of love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen