Mitten knit from undyed silk Mawata on US2 (2.75mm) needles.

This is a version of my basic mitten pattern scaled to sock-weight yarn.  There are three sizes, from women’s small to a large hand (like my husband — who by the way is never going to wear silk mawata mittens).  There is a wonderful rhythm to drafting the roving and knitting the pieces with that silk.  This is one of my favorite selfish knitting projects now.

Mawata Mittens Just click on those two highlighted words and the pdf will open for you and your knitting pleasure.  Remember this is a basic pattern, so tweak at will…change the cuff, maybe add a cable or some other stitch pattern.  Always send photos so this pattern sharing is a conversation and we all get to benefit from each other’s artistic vision.

Take care and get2ntn!xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio