Bet you thought I forgot about you!  Not a chance!!!  Thanks again to Barbara Stauffer for test knitting this square.  It took me all morning to find mine because my cat Nikkers is OBSESSED with cashmere.  Now when I go to bed I have to take my knitting out to my car at night.  This cat will even drag my zip-closed knitting bag around the room if he cannot get into it!  Sigh…

Here is this week’s square:

Ringwood Stitch Square #8 for Arsenic and Old Lace KAL

This is a well-known and traditional stitch used primarily for gloves and socks.  It gives our afghan balance from the airiness of the the lace squares and a place for the eye to rest.  It is also an easy square to knit…a nice break from the more demanding lace squares.

Arsenic8 Just click on that highlighted word to the left and the pdf file will open for you to download and go get your knit on!  This is the updated version: it describes how you need to repeat rows 1-6 until your square measures 9.25 inches.  Then seed five rows and then knit eight rows (garter stitch) to prepare for the next square!

Have fun with this and remember it can just as easily be a scarf, a sweater, a hat, a cowl or anything you can imagine.  This is YOUR ARTWORK!

loads of love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen

P.S. If you love to read then know the sequel to “The Name of The Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss was released this week.  This book is in my top ten favorites ever and I highly recommend this read.  The writer is a Bard and writes words like some musicians play music…guess you know where my nose is going to be tucked for awhile! M.E.