Donna, Lisa and I are knitting scarves from our hand-dyed Mawata.  The pattern for these triangle scarves appeared earlier this week (Tuesday I think, or maybe last week…mad cow you know).  I love this spinning/knitting experience and hope to do other things with this soon…like knit with superwash BFL roving…like socks!  Here is a photo of my scarf in progress followed by Lisa’s…hopefully Donna will shoot us a photo of hers too!

close-up view of my Mawata scarf

gestalt view of mine...

Lisa reveling in her Signature Needles and Mawata Wonderfulness

There must have been lots of nooky nooky going on this past winter because people are doing baby knitting projects like crazy.  We just received a shipment of Dale Baby Ull, new baby books from Dale of Norway and a color card in case there is some other color you would like…so that I can order it in for you!  We also received some more Kollage Square needles for a class I will be teaching soon on a new technique for knitting socks…in the round…only two needles.  I want to test teach this class on my “regulars” and then I hope to write and publish a tutorial.

We are also putting together a pre-order for Signature Arts Needles…to bring them into the studio here.  If you are interested in this one-time special offer please call the studio at (570)586-6985 and I will explain the details to you!

Here is one last picture of Nikkers with his latest Ratty:

Sinfonia is trying to catch some of that Ratty action

and one last LOL image:

found in a therapists office...

so far this isn’t working well for me today…but I do get to go knit with my pals tonight!  Yay!

Take care and have fun knitting…stay tuned I have a new free scarf pattern with little cables and lace for you!

xox Mary Ellen