Franklin Habit refers to the project he knits for articles and yarn companies by their colors.  I am currently working on a project for Frog Tree yarns.  We will call it ala Mr. Habit:  The Blue Thing.  I am very nearly done.  I am halfway up the back bodice and have the front bodice to go.  Then simple edges and bury those last few ends.  I sewed all the side seams today.

Then there will be a red thing and an alpaca thing!  Yay!

The studio was slow today but Chris and Suzy came in this morning.  Eleanor also came in for a visit.  Chris has her four socks at a time on needles.  There doesn’t seem to be much cussing involved.  She ias using the Flying Saucer yarn and I am loving the colors as they pool and evolve.

More photos tomorrow and I am considering a mystery project.  Who’s game?

Xox thehumanloom