Zauberball Crazy and Regular Zauberball

This is currently my favorite of all the self-striping yarns.  The colors are deep and blend one-into-the -next.  The yarn is washable and versatile.  We have used it here at Summit Yarn for socks, Clapotis, shawls, baby surprise jackets and more.  It is just fun to see where the colors take you on your knitting journey.  The above is a photo of the newest arrivals.  I have two versions of their rainbow colorways…and no, I can’t say which I like better…I love them all.  We also have two AddiLace Click kits, one AddiTurboClick kit and one AddiBambooClick set as well as a set of AddiClick Crochet Hooks…just in case anyone is interested and looking for these items.

The Blue Thing in Pediboo

This is the sample I just finished knitting for Frog Tree Yarns in blue Pediboo.  I put it through the wash on gentle cycle and blocked it out on my ironing board.  We did have to lock this all up in my piano room as the cats JUST HAD to keep getting up on the ironing board.  I really would like to send this in free of cat hair.  I do recommend soaking sweaters after you assemble them, spinning them dry and blocking out to dry overnight.  This process relaxes the sweater and the fiber…there is no better word than relax.  The sweater was nice before I did all this…now it is perfect and lays just the way I want it to.

Miriam's Pettifer Pattern Block #9

Miriam's second strip for the Arsenic and Old Lace KAL

Miriam was good enough to catch an error in Block #10 of this KAL…a new pdf with the correction in row six has been uploaded to the KAL site.  So sorry for any confusion.

Brian's cat Durga taking a time out!

Patty Mac and her new dog Tempy came for a visit today!

We got to babysit Eleanor a little today...she is such a cutie!I do have the next sock for the April Summit Sock Club on needles and we will call it: Fiddlehead.  It is fun and an easy to remember pattern.  The yarn is by Great Adirondack Yarn Company and the colorway is called:  High Dessert.  I am looking forward to sharing this next kit with you!  There are only four spots remaining for next month so be sure to let me know if you are interested.  Each month is $30 plus shipping.

That’s it for today.  Take care and God Bless Japan.  We have nine readers there:  I want each of them to know, they and their country are in my prayers every day.  With love and light,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn