The new colors of Zauberball are just irresistable. My personal favorites are the purple marl and the blue/greem ball that looks like a handful of ocean. Lisa made her choice today and its tough because there is not a bad color in the bunch. Donna is getting ready to start a new project inspired by Mason-Dixon Knitting…go check out their blog…the project is a great take on quilt squares using modular and mitered knitting techniques. Jamie was in yesterday. Congratulations to her! She has a beautiful new car, a Honda CRV! She also regaled me with photos of the two goats who are companions to the horses at the race track. Romeo is adorable but I just love Mimi because she is so very clearly in charge of everything. I was the lucky recipient of two new test-knit projects from Frog Tree Yarns today. One project is made from Meriboo and one will be made from Pediboo; we will refer to them as the Light Blue Thing and the Green Thing. I have already cast on the Light Blue Thing and and nearly through my first ball of yarn. I am simultaneously working on the Purple Alpaca Thing and am nearly done with the small part of this project…this is what I work on when my brain goes to goo at the end of the day.

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