This is pretty much the state of things in our neck of the Globe today.  The willow trees are in bud, the birds are singing and the world is covered in snow…with more on the way.  It is absolutely beautiful, but confusing.  I am at the studio today.  The plow just now did my lot…what to do but carry on?  Frog Tree Yarns received my first sample knit for them and they were pleased…what a relief!  Waiting to hear from them was reminiscent of giving birth.

"Mommy, what did you do with Spring?"

This week’s insertion is from Weldon’s Second Series and was used for Sofa Blankets and antimacassars.  It is quick to knit and easy to remember.  I am edging one square an evening of Strip #2.  Just think:  when this is done, you are half-way through the afghan!  What will we do next?

Tudor Pattern Insertions for Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan

Just click on those underlined words at the left and the pdf will open for your knitting pleasure.  See you next week with a new lace square to begin Strip Number Three!

Here are the photos I was unable to upload yesterday, and some more from this morning:

Secret new Pediboo Project...even Tricia and Chet don't know about this!

Romeo the goat and Horse companion

Jami with her new Honda CRV and of course, some new yarn!

a new lace scarf pattern coming your way in two styles: tailored and classic styling OR frilly and fru-fru

Smidgen wanted to stay cozy in bed today.

Nikkers is always ready for action.

The door of Summit Yarn today


Go to Ravelry and check out the “Cozy Cosette Footsies”, a great and quick pattern for around the house or for warmer weather!  Take care and have a great day.  As always, thanks for reading and checking in!  I would love to hear from more of you…and Corina:  please send some photos of your beautiful flowers, we really could enjoy them today!

with love, and light always,  mary ellen