It was a busy day here at the studio and once again I find myself wondering where all the hours went.  Our Knitters are knitting for Spring…snow be damned.  We have one who is working on a neutral silk shrug pattern by Debbie Bliss…great pattern that has sold lots of yarn for me over the years…Thank You DB!  Donna is beginning an afghan out of mitered squares (it is on Ravelry).  The profits from the sale of this pattern are being donated to Japan for relief…I bought the pattern…it is awesome.  They have already raised and sent over $2000 to Japan.  Chris came by for a visit today…fairy godmother that she is she came bearing tea, pumpkin loaf/squares and the projects she has been working on.  She did find us all a new scarf pattern on Interweave called:  “Gilding the Lily” by Leslie Ann Hauer.  The pattern was from Spin-Off at the site:  It is a version of the Helix scarf (or what we call the “Lasagna Noodle Scarf” around here) but using lace stitches and JUST BEAUTIFUL.  I’m thinking the Friday night group is going to love this!

I did go back to yesterday’s post and put up photos of the Scrunchy Cowl.  Jan knit hers in just one evening but did not push it to 300 yarns worth of yarn.  It is lovely and can be put together a few different ways.  It can remain unsewn and pinned using a shawl pin.  It can be seamed and worn as a cowl; or it can be given a single twist and worn as a mobius.  Here are photos for you to decide:

flat knit cowl just seamed up the back

scarf given one twist and seamed up the back for a mobius look

Just a reminder:  the next Summit Sock Club Kit will be ready for your knitting pleasure this Friday, April 1st when the studio opens.  There are only three remaining spots for the April club and this sock features a new cuff, created just for avid sock knitters.  There are ways to tweak the pattern, which will be discussed in the directions and two scarf patterns also included in this kit.  Let me know if you are interested.  The yarns for these kits are special ordered and are not just pulled from my shelves.  Everything about the kits is special and it is my complete pleasure to make them this way.  You can participate one month, all twelve or somewhere in-between.

These are scissors Barb Stauffer showed me today. She received them from her mother and believes they were originally her grandmother's. I love the detail.

Tonight is Friday Night Knitting Group.  We are currently working on the Terra Shawl by Jared Flood.  I also expect we will be discussing how to properly darn a sock…thanks to Yarnissima I have a new great handout.  I am hard at work on the Light Blue Thing and on the sample sock for this month’s Summit Sock Club.  There are of course at least 50 other things I would also like to work on…so much to knit and so little time.  I think I shall give up sleep altogether.  If you are around please join us for knitting tonight.  I do pour libations (although I pour only tea for me currently, I will pour better libations for you!).  Take care and have a lovely evening.  Blessings to Japan, Linda Daniels (she knows why) and anyone else in need of prayers…I send them to you and heavenward.  Here is this morning’s photo of Sputter’s…he is such a love:

with love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio