Mrs. Lourdes Brown...don't you just see Joy written all over her?

Lourdes Brown is an amazing woman and someone we would all want as a real friend.  Like everyone, she has her own Story, but she has pulled up her bootstraps and continues on undaunted.  She is the most prolific knitter I know and never gets down on herself.  She plays the fiddle…by ear mind you and is a loving, caring school teacher who constantly goes above and beyond the call of necessary duty.  She never reads this blog so I can do this post unabashedly.  Even on my worst days, she is the kind of person who makes me a better me just by spending time with her.  This past year has been no exception.  Her hugs make me feel that all is right with the world and I can get my groove back on.  My admiration for her knows no bounds.

She practically skipped in last night for knitting group.  She had completed two beautiful projects:  The Terra Shawl by Jared Flood and the Lilac Leaves Estonian Shawl from Nancy Bush’s book.  The Lilac Leaf shawl is featured in the first photo above…up there.  Here are the other photos:

Terra Shawl with my mods completed in Kauni Effektgarn

Lilac Leaf shawl; mods: no nupps or garter stitch ridges; one edge knit and put on hold then the rest of the shawl knit and grafted to the first edge INSTEAD of grafting int he middle.

close-up view of one edge; we also widened this pattern so it was more of a shawl and less scarf-like

one more close-up view; shawl completed in Cheryl Schaefer's Anne

It just felt right to celebrate Lourdes today.  She embodies Inspiration to me.  I hope you feel that as well.  Is there someone you celebrate in this way?  Write in and tell us their story.  If you would like to send photos as well…do so and I will put everything up on this blog for you!  The email address is: .

Take care and have a wonder-filled day!

with love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn  ;-D

the boys on their favorite blanky...Gerri: I gave them both hugs and kisses all over this morning just for you...maybe a little for me, too!