Last night I read JC Briar’s first book: Charts Made Simple.  I love charts.  I have stacks of graph paper always at the ready for when I get an idea I want to suss out.  My friends look for sites on the internet for me to play “chart” with.  I even have software.  I love it all.  Many of the knitters at Summit Yarn get along well with charts.  Some don’t.  This is why I typically write my patterns out and get to charting later.  I hope to have both in my patterns…this next kit for the April Summit Sock Club will have both written out patterns and charts.  Yay!  We have mag boards at the studio, music stands, magnets, highlighter tape and gajillions of post-it notes.  So what can I say about this book?

This is a book I not only will recommend to my customers, but will give as gifts.  It is just the right size to keep in the knitting bag du jour as a handy reference.  JC Briar puts in plain language what the charts are all about.  She has tips that I will not reveal so that your interest is piqued…tips that I will use in the future, if not today.  Beyond all this are some really tasty little stitch patterns that I am anxious to get to the studio to try out today.  I would give this book a five out of five stitch marker review.  Go get yours today or order on Amazon!

That said:  Clara Parkes, you temptress.  I keep seeing photos on Ravelry of socks from your upcoming book and I just feel that October cannot come fast enough.  I would happily skip over summer entirely just to have that book in my greedy hands.

I tried yesterday to purchase sock yarn from Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs.  I was there the minute the store opened and was entirely shut out.  There is also a sock club that has a lottery every three months for a random membership.  I will try that route.  Maybe I will just start dying yarn myself.   This dyer has the right idea and is clearly doing well.  Good for her!  Kudos Stephanie!

Photoessay for this week:


Chris Zimmerman of Fiber and Folk posted this on facebook today! It is just an awesome "yarn" bombing!

Smidgen, the Cube Cat (as in the Borg: Resistance is Futile), waiting for her mother to get to bed already last night.

Durga, Brian's cat, claims this tent for himself...come near and make my day!

Sputters: I need my belly rubbed and I'm too sexy for you to look!


Nikkers was too busy to pose and Sinfonia was pissed that it was time to get up.  Go figure.  See you at the studio from  1-4 pm today or will chat with you over the internet via comments and email.  Do take care and enjoy the Spring weather.  Go to De Handwerktuin on Blogspot and check out the beautiful flowers in Corina’s garden.  I am falling in love with the Netherlands.  Also:  Welcome Nigeria! to the countries that have put in an appearance on the blog.  We are up to 63 countries total, just 4 more and there will be 1/3 of all the countries in the World participating in this knitting and life conversation!  We are also close to getting 10,000 views this month so please keep tuning in…it is such a thrill when we hit that mark!

with love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen, the assorted cats and Summit Yarn