I am no stranger to rejection.  Who is?  When I applied to medical school, I was graduating with Highest Honors in Biology and High Honors overall.  Not bad credentials.  Still, I received 14 regret letters from medical schools and was wait listed at two others.  I did make it in…very competitive.  I guess I would have started my yarn store sooner if I hadn’t made it in…who knows?

I have been teaching knitting for tens years at professional venues…but, just local ones.  My son is just 12 years old and I want to be part of his everyday.  I love being part of his everyday.  I did, however, recently apply to teach at a not local venue.  The teacher response was so huge, and I am so unknown, that it was no surprise to be turned down.  It was actually kind of a relief.  I will keep trying.  There is even a yarn rep who is going to take a list of my credentials and classes around and recommend me.  Awesome.

So, you ask, what is today’s rant about?  Really, Mary Ellen, land the plane already.  About two weeks ago, my son tried out for a tennis team.  He won every match he played at the try outs.  He was told, as was my husband, that he made the first string team.  Just completely awesome!  Yesterday, however, he found out from the kids (not the coach!) that he had been downgraded to the second string team.  No explanations.  Just “haha, you suck” from the kids.  Please, reject me all you like.  Ridicule me.  But, what message does this situation send to my son?  I am so angry for him…words cannot describe my feelings.  That he did not tell me for 24 hours only intensifies my fury for him.  My Irish is UP, as my husband would say.

Moving on to things yarn:


Barbara Stauffer's second strip of Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan nearly complete.


Barbara has moved on to the Basketweave square of her afghan (#10) and I just love all the different colors mixed with the different textures and lace patterns.  We are probably going to keep the edging simpler on this afghan, with just a garter stitch border.  Well done my friend!


another view of Barb's afghan



Alicia Halinan came in for a long overdue visit and we had a great chat.  She is nearly done with her entrelac stole and after seeing photos of Donna’s Undulating Waves scarf is contemplating doing that as her next project.

I am hard at work on the Light Blue Thing and am nearly to the armholes.  My little visit to the GI doctor and dose of Diprivan had to put that knitting on hold for a couple of days while I got over the drug-induced “dumb”.  Saturday, the studio will be closed, so we can go watch our son compete at this Tennis Jamboree (last year he was the only child on either team to win a match!)  GO BRIAN!!!  I will however, be there this Sunday from 1-4 pm weather permitting.

Take care and stay warm…April is not being kind…I think Spring has fallen into a gigantic black hole and can’t find a way back to us!


My Sinfonia refusing to rise or shine today!

with love and light and what laughter I can muster today, Mary Ellen