Square/Scarf #12 for the KAL: Arsenic and Old Lace

This is a great knit/purl pattern with a 20 row repeat.  It went really quickly last night, only taking me about 45 minutes to knit the whole thing.

HERE’S THE DEAL:  When I get 100 comments on this post, or next Wednesday, whichever comes first, I will put up the next lace pattern — which, by the way, has been test knit and stands ready for your knitting pleasure.  The comments can be as simple as “X” and they have to be from all different people…I will check.  Here is a taste of the next square to inspire you all to say “HI”:

April Showers bring?

A note:  my family is from the Midwest.  We people from the midwest have what my very Italian second-generation American husband refers to out of frustration as “expressions”.  These expressions are descriptors, “he was like a drop of water on a hot skillet”, or “dumber than a bag of hair”, or “slower than molasses in January”, and so on.  I love these expressions perhaps more than my stash of yarn (heresy, I know).  I can carry these with me wherever I go; they are my memories and legacy.  They can never be taken away.  They are precious to me.  One of the expressions that my mother frequently used was the word “GONZO”  as in “going gonzo” over something…crazy, nuts, very-very-very excited.  Though I am not sure of its precise etiology, I will refer you to the show I watched as a kid…I am sure you can find episodes on YouTube:  “The Muppet Show”.  One of the characters is named: Gonzo.  Watch him for awhile and no matter your country of origin, you will understand the meaning of the word, “Gonzo”. ;-D

And, here is your daily dose of Nikkers:

Every night Nikkers lays in my lap and holds my arm...sometimes just to cuddle and sometimes he "snacks" on me...always with love! It's his thing, man.

with love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen and all things Summit Yarn  xoxox