The last two months have been challenging physically for me with a difficult GI illness.  I have not been able to go to the gym and work out, or do much of anything physical.  Major bummer.  Instead, I have spent hours looking through my knitting books and letting things “roll around in my head”…kind of like a slow burn, no bad puns intended.  The first design that resulted I used in this month’s Summit Sock Club Kit, which wound up containing two scarf patterns and a sock pattern.  The other design result was whimsical and accidental and not a result of any real intelligence on my part.

Today, we begin our KNIT-A-LONG.  The sock is called:  The Discovery Sock because that is exactly what happened.  Those are the only clues today.  More with the next post.  For now, we want to start with a toe up sock.  If you have a preferred way to do your toe…go for it.  You should have two colors picked out…one wild variegated color and one more solid subdued color (at least compared to your first color).  Really, for this to work well, the two colors should not have much to do with each other…like, two separate ideas that you don’t really expect to blend.  Pick your more subdued color to begin the toe of your sock.

I recommend Judy’s magic cast on either with circular needles or with dpns (I used dpns so I know this can be done).  The sock can be made in one of three sizes — an eventual stitch count of 56 sts for a ladies size 8-9 (64 sts for a larger ladies foot, or 72 sts for a man’s foot or a knitter with a tighter gauge).  I have a women’s size eight foot and a gauge of 7 sts = one inch on 2.75mm needles.  I will knit my sock using the 56 st sock.  A friend of mine who shall remain unnamed has a somewhat tighter gauge and different foot dimensions from me…she will use the 72 stitch sock.  If you have never knit a sock before go with 2.75mm needles and the 56 st sock.  If you have knit socks before, you will know which stitch count you like best.

Here goes:

50g WILD VARIEGATED COLOR sock yarn (200 yards)

50g SUBDUED UNRELATED COLOR sock yarn (200 yards)

2.75 mm needles or size which gives you 7 sts=1 inch in Stockinette Stitch

Using Judy’s Magic Cast On:  cast on 28 (32, 36) sts over two needles held together.  Knit one round.

Next Round: (K1, inc 1, knit 12 (14, 16) sts, inc 1, K1, place marker) X 2 then KNIT ONE ROUND.


ROUND 1:  (K1, inc 1, knit to one stitch before first marker, inc 1, slip marker, K1) X 2.

ROUND 2: knit around.

Here is a photo of my toe (the real magic begins tomorrow!):

this photo shows a close up of the increases


completed toe


Nikkers this morning: what do you mean you are leaving for the day? How can you possibly leave me?

love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen