The next project I am working on for Frog Tree Yarns is called the “Serenity Wrap and Cowl” and is designed by Stephanie Steinhaus as an Unwind design to knit.  I finished the cowl this morning and grafted it closed using the technique recommended by “Vogue Knitting:  The Ultimate Knitting Book”.  This part is now stashed safely away and the next part of this knit is on needles.  It is being done in Alpaca Melange Sport by Frog Tree Yarns and this is a wonderful gently heathered alpaca yarn to knit.

When I am taking a break from the above, I am working on the shawl just published by Franklin Habit in the most recent issue of Knitty.  I purchased two colors of a yarn called:  Kitten at Vogue Knitting Live (cashmere and silk) and this yarn is just perfect for this project.  Will share pictures soon.  I am working hard at the Frog Tree samples so they are ready by mid-May.  Please send good vibes.

Jaddu brought her owner, Martha by yesterday for a knit and visit.  Jaddu and I shared wonderful lovies and kisses and she was rewarded with lots of cookies.  Martha was working on a new pair of socks in rainbow Zauberball using a stitch from Barbara Walker Volume II.  The stitch looks like a cable but is really a slip-stitch pattern, if I heard correctly between lovies with Jaddu.  (Martha I love you too!)  Here is a photo:

close-up view


Jean was here this morning and began a stunning entrelac purse pattern using Kujaku (by Noro) and a coordinating color of Karaoke by SWTC.  We discussed the basic technique, how to pick up stitches and the two rows involved in creating a rectangular piece of entrelac with straight edges.  Suzy came by later, just as I was burying the ends of part one of the Lavender Thing.  Of course, Eleanor and I had hugs, kisses and lots of fun.  She has her own treats here because of her delicate sensibilities.  Once full, she took a nap on her mother’s lap.  Suzy is working on a lovely baby sweater in Schaefer’s Chris yarn in the colorway, Nellie Bly (browns and greys and black).  She has chosen adorable buttons made from brass and is nearly done.

Although Kathy said she was coming by for a visit Sunday, she wound up with other commitments.  Jamie did come by for a knit together and to retrieve her April sock kit.  We are both big fans of the author, Patrick Rothfuss.  We both have his most recent book, sequel to “The Name of The Wind”.  Neither one of us has the courage to begin the book, because it was such a long wait.  Who knows how long it will be until the third book in this trilogy is released?  I decided to start with the first book again and prolong this as much as I can.  I will probably do the same when the third book in the trilogy comes out…because, what will I read then?

We saw the movie “Source Code” this past weekend and I thought it was a great flick.  It is however too graphic for anyone who has lost a loved one in the armed services.  Just do not subject yourself to the trauma.  I long for old movies where the obvious was alluded to, not spelled out in unnecessary graphic detail.

Back to Kathy:  I went and parked in her driveway (she and I live in the same neighborhood) and called her before I went home from work.  As I was dialing her up, there was her dog, Yeager.  Yikes, he has become gigantic…still adorable and highly loveable as ever.  We all three wound up out in the driveway.  Here is a photo of my beloved Yeager so you can meet him too (he did not stay still for a microsecond…this was the best I could do):




Brothers Sputters and Nikkers (Sput-Nik) waiting for me to get in bed last night.

Sinfonia on my chest staring me down this morning.

Nikkers and Sinfonia on me this morning.


That’s it for today…have some serious power knitting to get done tonight.  Take care and let me know when you are ready for the heel of the Discovery Sock!  with loads of love, laughter and light always,

Mary Ellen and crew