My husband and son are at baseball practice and I have the house all to myself.  I think this is the highlight of my day…or as least one of the highlights.  The morning was busy at the studio today.  Pat Kleck came in looking to match a specific red…an orange red which we just did not possess in a lace weight yarn.  I did have it in worsted but she wanted lace weight.  She wants to knit a matching glove and scarf set for a friend.  The scarf…I have a photo somewhere here…:

Chris says she is also thinking about doing this is a free Ravelry looks like one that Jamie did recently.

Pat chose Abstract Fibers' Smith Rock and Karabella supercashmere fine (which is on closeout at cost...$12.50 a ball).

Chris is working on a stack of projects.  I believe her Pink Thing has been collared and completed and that her mother has laid claim to that enchanting little number.  She is working on her socks four-at-a-time when time permits as this requires a great deal of concentration and coordination.  She is also at work on this month’s sock club kit which is coming along quite nicely:

Fiddlehead Sock for the April Summit Sock Club Kit...there is one kit remaining if anyone is interested.

Chris is also trying the pattern from KnitSpin called: Gilding the Lily, a lace variation on the standard Helix (lasagna noodle) Scarf

Donna and Jamie are also working on the sock club kit.  Both found typos, so I humbly thank you both for those corrections.  Please let me know of you find any other issues.  I nearly went cross-eyed trying to get all the bugs out and get this typed and printed in time for the club.  But, I think it was well worth the effort as the feedback from the knitters has been very good thus far.

Two books arrived in the mail for me yesterday.  One was the new Spud and Chloe book, which I was delighted to receive; mostly because I love sheep and the pattern for Spud was the whole reason I purchased the book.  Today I played with the stitch pattern and miniaturized the sheep pattern.  I highly recommend this book…it is a delight and I enjoyed knitting my mini-spud today.  Photos to follow once he gets all his body parts…and no, he will not be anatomically correct…not yet at any rate.  One more mouthy male in this house today and parts may just get donated to this Spud though…you never know.

Lisa and I had a great visit this afternoon with lots of laughter.  We just always seem to be ripping some project out.  I lead her down a bad road and we dig out.  Then she leads me somewhere else and we dig out again.  But we try, man, we really try.  Her son just returned from a trip to Croatia and had outstanding hospitality.  I have no idea what chicken schnitzel is but I want to try it now.  Lisa is busy at work on a something for her grandson, and on a pair of socks, and on piece of lace, and…too many projects to remember and we always have more to do…so much knitting and so very little precious time.  She did also have the cutest little bag with her today, which I think is a sewn version of the “Lucy Bag” which was a big item when I first went into business…a felted project.  Here are some photos:

love, Love, LOVE this BAG!!!

and the inside of the bag was JUST AS PRETTY as the outside...I loved the dark green color!

And last, but I know not least, is your daily dose of catness:


Come near the tent and DIE! Go ahead, make my day!

Sputters says: Can't we all just get along?

Take care!  I have broken free today and made my mom’s tuna noodle casserole for the first time in my 22 year marriage.  If Gary can’t force it down then there is always the box of Cheerios he can put anywhere he can fit them.  I am woman, hear me ROAR!

with love, laughter and light in every way,

Mary Ellen aka theHumanLoom