Finally, some flowers! YAY!

 Flowers as promised just for you, and me and anyone else who likes them.  The pattern as written would also make a lovely scarf in your choice of yarn.  It was used to decorate trays and for stocking tops in Victorian times.

I did finish my first hand-knit sheep ever, and of course we shall call her, Ewenice!  Here she is with another piece of my miniature knitting from a trip to Williamsburg, VA a few years ago…both patterns were heavily improvised.

I love the little twisty stitch that makes the sheep's fleece!

Gotta run pick up the kid from tennis and figure dinner out (probably leftovers)…anyway here is your daily dose of the brothers Sput-Nik:

Sputters: Oh, good Lord, is it really morning already?

Nikkers: Mommy, I am sure I really need this sweater much more than you do.

BREAKING NEWS:  THIS JUST IN — New knitting needles from Serendipity Needles with sheep on the end and the imprint of Summit Yarn Studio!!!

These are size US7 and just 8 inches long...perfect for scarf knitting and getting all those Holiday gifts ready well ahead of time!

Take care and remember to BREATHE.  loads of love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen