Today I did a personal first…I had my husband drop me off at the studio and lock me in.  The table was stacked with all the work I need to accomplish in the next few days and two weeks.  I made some progress.  The best part is that I have the sock pattern for May half written and I am in love with it.  I am so excited to share this with you all; I even got the fun parts of the kit yesterday. So, once the swatching is complete, the kits will be instantly ready!  I also am going to work on the square for next week tonight….I have one more pattern repeat to do on last week’s square and then onward with a beautiful new knit/purl pattern.

The photos I have for you today will tell the rest of the story and I will narrate as needed:

This is the annual photo of my son before his first Little League game...his uniform never looks quite as spiffy as before the first game. BTW, they got great new jerseys this year! Woot!

This is the first bunny I have seen in my yard this season. The first bunny I saw this season ran right in front of Debbies car two Friday nights ago and survived. Whew!

new yarn from needles from Serendipity...

Close-up view of Yume...raw hand-dyed silk with a nylon case take multitonal to a whole new level!

Yume...139 yards per skein...recommended US7 triangle scarf pattern with purchase.

Miriam finished last weeks lace...she is a great photographer! If Spring would ever arrive here I could be a great photographer too!

an actual spot of sunshine in the studio this week!

Corinas first two strips...go check out her blog "De Hadwerktuin" on blogspot...I love her garden and her cats!

Chris is working on a pattern I wrote just for her and her self-striping yarn!

Donnas FiddleHead Sock with this!

Ardis completed Terra Shawl in rainbow Kauni! FAB-u-lous!

We had a huge influx of visitors Saturday: Lorraine, Audrey, Maxine, Charlotte, and Jamie...when they left and we turned around this is what we saw...a comatose child!

Charlotte has known Brian since he was two years old...things have changed a little over the years!

Sinfonia does not realize I need her not on my nose...this is more close than anybody needs...and I do love her even so!

Sinfonia remained unconvinced when I asked her politely to move.

And that is it for this week’s photoessay.  I have another blog for you cat lover’s out there. Nikkers snacked on Gary this morning and it was hilarious…but another time.  Have a lovely Sunday into Monday and I wish you all good vibes.  Signing off for the evening…loads of love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen  xoxox