There are so many beautiful fibers out there:  wool from any number of breeds, alpaca, llama, camel, plant fibers, silk, vicuna, quiviut, bison, musk ox, cashmere, angora rabbits, angora goat and more.  Each fiber I work with I do more than read the label.  Sure the label tells me what weight the yarn is considered.  The label makes needle and recommendations.  The label tells me how to launder my yarn.  The label will never love my yarn as I do.

Yarn is like a musical instrument.  It has its own life and moods.  It has shapes it would like to be.  It even has its own personal space requirements.  Just because the label pronounces the yarn to be dk weight does not mean that is what the yarn wants.  Some yarns are fuzzy…that fuzz needs room to bloom.  Some yarns have extra SQUISH or loft (they are filled with air).  Yarn needs to be wooed.  It wants you to take a good long look at it and see how it will shine best when you create a fabric with it.  Love your yarn.  Go ahead…give it a name that is just between the two of you.

The pattern for Wednesday is ready and test knit.  It is an old-fashioned knit/purl pattern and I already have ideas about transforming it into a ribbed sock.  It is the fourteenth square of the Arsenic and Old Lace KAL but would be equally at home as a scarf to knit up now and put away for a Holiday present.  The next sock club sock is half-written and I have sorted out most of the kinks.  Once I get through the heel part it will be easy going from there to the end of the sock.  Yay!  The stitches for this sock came from a Japanese stitch dictionary and the architechture of the sock was inspired by Cat Bordhi, from a pattern she published in 2008 in Knitter’s Magazine.  The yarn is from Colinette and got here ON TIME so I can knit my test sock with the actual yarn for once and for all.  There are still four kits available for the May Sock Club.

This is Donnas first completed sock and fits her foot perfectly! The stitchwork is impeccable.

The Summit Sock Club for April was/is a huge success.  We found a couple of typos so please check in if you haven’t already.  Not only was this a success with the knitters, but Frog Tree Yarns has purchased the pattern!  The feedback from our knitters was:  the pattern was clear and easy to follow, a quick knit and very enjoyable.  It is always such a thrill to see something I have designed knit by someone else.  There is still one remaining kit for this month if anyone is interested.  The yarn is one of my favorites from Pura Bella Yarns in NY…superwash merino + bamboo + silk = bliss.

The sheep needles are moving quickly and I am loving working with the raw silk from Colinette, Yume.  We also have in some Hullabaloo from Colinette as well, which I hope to get out onto the shelves tomorrow.

Some of you asked how we came up with the name for the brothers, Sputters and Nikkers.  We adopted these two characters from the vet after our dear yellow lab, Rosabelle, passed away.  The vet could not tell them apart so they were both called the same name:  Sputnik.  Since our home is filled to the brim with individuals we split the name in two:  Sputters and Nikkers.  I can tell them apart because their personalities are so different…and I am their Mom.  They also love their Dad quite a bit, as demo’ed in the following photo shoot from Sunday morning:


Nikkers noms on Gary

And now I am running, not walking, home because home is blissfully male free until about 7:40pm.  Take care and keep talking to me…it gets lonely when you don’t comment…and what about this incredible full MOON?

loads of love, light and laughter,  Mary Ellen and zoo…  ;-D