Lourdes was the first this month to finish the Summit Sock Club Kit!  Yay!  She wins the 50% off coupon towards the purchase of one item next time she comes to visit.  Congratulations Lourdes!  It was a tight competition this month.  Chris is at the heel turn, Donna finished one sock as did Jamie, so I really had no idea who was going to finish first.  It is great fun to see all the photos roll in and hear the feedback.  This is the sock pattern Frog Tree Yarns was generous enough to purchase from me for use with their delightful Pediboo yarn.

Lourdes is wearing her new socks for Easter!...on her itty bitty feet!

Chris knits her socks two at a time using magic loop and has just completed the heel turn and gusset.

Another project that has been a customer favorite is the Helix (or Lasagna) scarf.  Here is a version Chris found online and it is just beautiful and lacey:

the pattern is called Gilding The Lily...i think it is on Ravelry

That’s all I have right now…probably more photos tomorrow and all week as there are a ton of projects in the offing.  Take care and have a lovely day!  xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn