I tried on the completed sock for the May Summit Sock Club this morning (I was not brave enough to last night at the end of the day…too tired if something wasn’t right…ostrich maneuver…head in sand)…and it fit beautifully.  I had to make one minor adjustment to the heel turn and I believe everyone will enjoy this knit very much.  The pattern is written for three sizes, much like a pattern from Blue Moon RSC.  I have to play with my new charting program, but hope to have charts to go along with the written out directions.  The stitch pattern is a multiple of twelve stitches and easy to follow along with one “work” round to every three “I can visit” rounds.  Here is a close up of the cuff, of which I am proud…one pattern flowed to the next and to the next one last time:

Cuff of "May Flowers" sock pattern...a new design by M.E. Langieri

Chris came by this morning and is hard at work on this past month’s socks, probably nearing the toes as we speak.  She is working on a few projects…one of which is a secret, at least until I guess what it is.  Lisa came by this afternoon for a private lesson and got back to work on her “Peas Please” vest…she is really very close to done.  Of course, she has found three or more other very tempting patterns; among them a pair of socks by IrishGirlieKnits (be sure to go check her out on Ravelry…great designer and all around sweet person).  Lisa is almost done with a garter triangular scarf out of a Great Adirondack Silk Sock yarn (if memory serves) and we found just the perfect yarn to edge it with in a coordinating color up on the shelves.

I have finished writing the sock pattern and also begun the second sock of this just in case I get any last minute tweaking ideas for the pattern.  I hope to have kits ready this Sunday, May 1st.  All the components are here, I just need to spend some quality time with my computer.  After a little angst this past weekend, I am also back to work on the Serenity Wrap for Frog Tree Yarns out of a beautiful color of their Alpaca Melange.  This yarn is soft, with a minimum of fuzz and a lovely hand…very soothing to knit AND in a gently heathered color range that is just not to be resisted.

The cats were quite agreeable to posing this morning:

Smidgen: "Mom, you really expect me to keep these boys in line by myself all day?"

Sputters: "I am king of this hill!"

Nikkers: "My mom is about to post a raunchy joke, so stop reading if you think it might offend you! I did tell her to think twice. sigh..."

One of my friends forwarded me this joke, and I confess, it makes me laugh…

part one

part two

part three...the end.

Take care and have a lovely twenty four hours.  We have gone straight from winter into summer today and, witch that I am, I am melting menopause on legs.  Time to go get the square ready for tomorrow…looking forward to this lace pattern!

with loads of love, laughter and light always, Mary Ellen aka thehumanloom