Local Flowers heavy with bloom and sweet smelling!

I shipped my swatchwork off to Frog Tree Yarns today before going to work.  I seem to be getting over having heebie-jeebies every time I put my knit work into the mail.  That done, I got straight to work on the May sock.  I was having commitment issues with the cuff design.  So I kept jotting notes down, kept knitting till I got to the cuff and prayed a lot.  And…it happened.  Flowers from vining buds on a toe up sock.

Preview of the May Summit Sock Club Sock!

The stitch pattern inspiration came from a Japanese stitch dictionary and the architecture of the sock is by Cat Bordhi; her arch-expansion sock.  The original pattern was from 2008 and called Spring Thaw.  This sock appears a bit mysterious and impossible until the heel flap is knit and the magic happens.  I love the shape of the foot and the reinforced heel.  I can hardly wait to try a different stitch pattern with it!  The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug 150 grams of Java Plum.  The red tones in this colorway really spoke to me, so I played on them to create the flowers in the cuff, ending with a K1P1 rib and sewn bind off for the best stretchy edge of all.  There are three remaining spots in this upcoming club and if you are interested please let me know…every month has sold out so far!

Eleanor and Suzy came by for a visit.  We are all in agreement there is not much worth seeing at the movies or on television.  So glad I love to read…so it is back to “The Name of The Wind” tonight after a little work on the Alpaca Serenity Wrap.  Here is a photo of Ellie:

Ellie having a nap to digest all her treats.

Tomorrow I get back to work on the next Square for the afghan…Dainty Bess Lace!  Take care and make sure you download the corrected version of last week’s square…thanks to Miriam for catching my moment of dumb!

loads of love, light and laughter,  Mary Ellen

Sputters says: Hey!

Nikkers feeling pensive.

until tomorrow….