Somehow, and I assure you this is entirely happenstance, it seems more than fitting to release this square this week…the week of THE ROYAL WEDDING.  I sure hope things go better for this couple than they did for Princess Diana.  My prayers and hopes really go out to this and to all couples.  I have been married 22 years (as of next month) and what a total idealist I was when I got into all this.  My husband and I have worked hard together and to hold things together.  We have discovered marriage is hard work and in the long haul it is worth all the aggravation and all the struggle.  I am not entirely sure what else I would have done with myself and when it comes down to brass tacks, there is no one else I would rather share my life with…though I admit solitude does sometimes beckon.  I think that is all normal.  We don’t ever fight.  I talk loudly and my husband loses  listens.  He has learned to say: “Yes, my Queen.” whether he means it or not and I have learned to preface statements with things like: “This is purely informational.”  We understand each other much better that way.  I have also learned how to give Gary the space he needs, how to not take him so personally, and that I too need a great deal of personal space to make this whole package come together.  It has been quite the journey.  Good luck Kate!

 I know say this every week, but as I knit this lace, I could really see this as the central ground of a lovely big square shawl.  It is a dainty trellis.  I hope you love it as much as I do.

Completed Square #15 -- Dainty Bess, a variant of Mrs. Montague's Pattern.

close-up view

Last night I had the opportunity to laugh at myself and see myself through my family’s eyes.  Let me begin by stating that I absolutely hate shopping.  I go in, get what I need, and get out.  The End.  The only things I rather enjoy shopping for are yarn and chocolate.  Yes, I am completely serious.  Anything else is a major pain in the behind.  That said, we have come to the realization that our stove/oven has had it, bit the proverbial dust, needs to go on to its next incarnation.  I would like to teach my son how to be independent and scramble eggs or make himself a grilled cheese sandwich…but I refuse to teach him how with a stove without functional lighters (gas stove).  I can just picture him letting the gas run for a little too long, lighting the lighter, and KA-BOOM.  When I made this argument to my husband and said I would be content to have a new stove as our anniversary gift to each other (after 22 years there is nothing I really need…other than yarn and chocolate…maybe a new bra now and then)…I really was quite sincere.

We visited four different stores and did our price-checking.  We went in to HHGregg last night.  Last I checked, my son was wandering and I was speaking to my husband:  Gee, I wonder how wide this one is…we need one that fits in 30 inches.  A voice from nowhere said:  That measures 29 and 7/8 inches.  And there was a salesman all to ready to give his pitch.  God Bless him…he did not know.  I said thank you and he sucked in air to begin a preamble.  I said:  (firmly with furrowed brows…this is my job in our marriage, chasing off sales people) I need space to think…I will find you when I am ready.  He tried to open his mouth one more time.  I stopped him and said, I have a camp stove and I can last forever with that.  Let me be.  He was smarter than I thought…he kept a safe six to ten feet until I gave him the high sign.   Because they have the best prices in town, and because this kid is polite/sweet/feared me/and looked just like Elvis…we bought our stove there.  When we were all checked out I thanked him for his excellent service and for backing off when I asked him to.  He said:  (with a smile)  I really didn’t have a choice in that!  My husband and son proceeded to regale him with stories of furniture shopping with Mommy.  I had to laugh.  And I am so grateful we have our stories to tell…these are a big part of what binds us to each other.  That and the ability to say “Sorry for sucking…I was out of line”.

I just love Shaun the Sheep!

Dear Gerrie and all fans of Nikkers…here is your daily fix:

Nikkers, my love...

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I see YOU!

Take care and if you find any errors in the pattern let me know.  I knit it, typed it and proofread it to the best of my ability…but knit happens man!  xoxox Mary Ellen