It has been brought to my attention that I own you all at least four new posts.  Here is the first, with more to follow.  I have been hard at work with my latest assignment from Frog Tree Yarns and I’m very excited about the vision that has come together for this project.  I will appreciate and gladly accept all the good vibes you feel able to send to me over the next two to three weeks.  When I pull this all together, it will be a major accomplishment.  That said, here is the topic I have enjoyed most over the last few days.

The newest married Royals!

Yesterday, I finally found time to watch part of the taped wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.  I was absolutely horrified to learn 30 years had passed since the last Royal Wedding I got up to watch.  I was 17 years old and in my first year of college.  I loved every minute of the pagentry, the history, and that the entire country rallied around this young couple to wish them well.  I felt a renewal in my capacity for hope.  The wedding gown I chose was inspired by the beauty of Princess Diana’s gown.

I always loved this photo...

One of the people in attendance was three years old and Princess Diana's bridesmaid.

I love the tiaras and the history of all the different tiaras in the Royal Collection.  The Queen offered Princess Diana a tiara to wear but, get this, Diana chose to wear one from her own family.  I cannot even comprehend turning down an offer of anything from THE QUEEN.  But I also admire her loyalty to her own family.  Here is a photo of the Queen on her wedding day:

Queen Elizabeth

Another photo of Her Royal Highness, The Queen

If you look at the Queen's outfit you might notice the train of Kate's gown had similar sunburst type pleating as if in reference to the Queen. The same designer made both outfits.


The new Royal Couple...may they know every happiness!

As long as we are on the topic, I will make reference to the only couple that ever seemed like a royal couple here in America, the Kennedys.  I learned that the bridal gown was made, ruined in a flood the week of the wedding and entirely recreated before the wedding.  The bridal veil is my favorite part and belonged to Jackie’s grandmother…a beautiful nod to family and tradition.  There is a beautiful knit out currently by Franklin Habit, a stole inspired by this veil…here are a couple of photos:

the rose point lace veil

Take care and send in your favorite wedding photo.  As for me, I will go hunting for mine.   More posts on the way!  Loads of love, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio