I have been carrying my itinerary for the 2011 Sock Summit around in my purse all day and just smiling whenever I pull it out.  I can hardly wait and yet there is so much to do at the studio between now and then that I can not just wish the time away.  If you are at all able to get there, then at least go, even to just check out the marketplace.  There are all kinds of options — from 6 hour classes, 3 hour classes, 1 hour classes, lectures, and demonstrations.  If you take just one class then admission to the marketplace is free…otherwise there is a minimal fee.  And what a gathering of Knitterati this is promising to be.  Besides the classes, I did make sure to order a tote bag (really, go google Sock Summit 2011 and check out the swag at the very least) and a tee shirt.  As I learn more I will continue to share here on the internet and take photos as I can; though I believe the organizers have quite a few awesome photos posted on the site.  If nothing else, go look to seek sock inspiration.  You never know where the idea for your next great knit is going to come from.

I worked today at my project for Frog Tree Yarns and it is coming along quite nicely.  I see so many possibilities for this yarn.  Of course, socks are just obvious.  However, due to its washability (and I mean through the wash with clothes…no fuzz, no pilling, no shrinkage or felting), I see this as a great staple yarn.  Use it for baby bibs, baby clothes, heirloom baby blankets, baby anything, toys, soakers for cloth diapers, even a sweater for your beloved pooch!  I have pulled a number of scarf patterns, and believe this would make the best Clapotis ever.  I would also love to see Franklin Habit’s stole “Sahar” knit up in this lustrous drapey yarn.  I am dreaming up fingerless mitts and convertible gloves as well as (held double) the Bella Mittens.  The Moebius patterns by Cat Bordhi would be great as a showcase for this yarn as well as lace, especially patterns by Galina Khmeleva.  I also have plans to swatch some of the stitches I learned from Merike Saarniit at Vogue Knitting Live this past January.  I will have a bunch of pictures for you tomorrow and wax poetic more then.  I do have 2 out of 24 sheep completed and will probably complete one more tonight if all goes well ( one sheep in every color this fantastic yarn is dyed in! ).

Please remember, Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  We have gift cards available for the knitter you love best and I am happy to wrap things and make them look beautiful so you can surprise the Mom in your life.

Here is what I woke up to this morning:

Cats all in a row (Smidgen was in the window sunbathing).

Sputters cleans Nikkers up before he attacks him!

and the final cuteness:

LegoCats...they stack like magic!

Take care and travel safely this weekend!  If you are a woman and you nurture anybody then this weekend includes you…please be hugged and know being a mother has nothing to do with biology…only with the golden heart you carry with you at all times.

with loads of love, lightness and good vibes,  Mary Ellen aka theHumanLoom