Square #16: The Carlisle Stripe

 I know this is just a simple knit/purl square…but looks can be deceiving, especially with this block.  This is a reversible stitch pattern and makes a masculine scarf and great stretchy socks because of its inherent rib stitch nature.  Only four more squares to go!

Here is a list of my current Pediboo Adventure.  I have now worked with every color of this amazing durable, soft yarn and it is officially my favorite sock yarn ever…the end.  I may have to begin hand-dying just so I can have the multicolors I like to play with so much and that make dreary winters so much easier to bear.  To my eye, the colors fall into one of three color categories, with some minimal overlap:  neutrals (in which category I include blue), muted colors which are reminiscent of Mission Falls color palates, and brights which are just outright fun to play with.  Photos please…

The Carlisle Stripe in dark green.

Diagonal Ribbon Stitch

Spring Thaw Leaf from a sock pattern by Cat Bordhi, Knitter's Spr/Sum '08

Victorian Lace Insertion (Weldon's)

Orenberg Peas Lace, Galina Khmeleva

It's A Sheep! (from a washcloth pattern of unknown origin)

Crocheted Pineapple Lace

a swatch of Clapotis (Knitty, Kate Gilbert)

Cables and Hazlenut Brocade, my inventions

Tunisian Simple Stitch with cross stitch Frog for Frog Tree Yarns

Entrelac Crochet (also known as Tulip Stitch)

Seafoam Stitch (see Barbara Walker)

Super Easy Cable Crochet...in dark brown Pediboo

Royal Quilted Stitch aka Faux Honeycomb (see Barbara Walker)

Estonian Full Patent Stitch as taught by Merike Saarniit

Estonian Net Patent Stitch as taught by Merike Saarniit

Crocheted V-Stitch with reverse Single Crochet border

Top-down Seamless Raglan baby sweater...my pattern

Shetland Spider and Web stitch sampler (Interweave Knits)

All of the above samples were knit with various sizes of needles from US4 through US10 to demonstrate the flexibility of Pediboo Yarn by Frog Tree Yarns.  The yarn could even be double for warm washable mittens, hats, neck warmers or any other project you can dream up.  I have run it through the wash with my clothes and it looks perfect, without fuzzing, pilling or fading.  I have hung up, blocked or laid flat to dry all items.

There is more on the way…stay tuned!

Here is your daily dose of cuteness ala Sputters:

Sunbathing Sputters

loads of love, laughter and light always, mary ellen and summit yarn studio