so only four more swatches to knit… then 21 sheep…but it is all good!

call me that one more time… a brief story: was driving home tonight and as i turned right onto the main road home a woman waiting to turn left onto the same road called me an a@&#ole. then she got right behind me and was clearly having a bit of road rage. filth was spewing from her mouth and so many hand gestures i am not sure how she kept control of her car. she had several children visible in that car. real nice. she needed a time out and i made sure she got it. do you know how slow i can drive? i also made sure to come to a full stop before my final turn. i think she broke her horn honking at me. the best part was my son: oh, you should never mess with mom…you never know what she will come up with next. i almost had to pull over i was laughing so hard.