I have been so busy I have not lifted my head to smell Spring at all the last two weeks…and that embarrasses me.  The other day I went to let the dogs out or in, and there was the one plant I wait for all year.  I wait for its flowers and fragrance, both of which never last long enough.  The plant is called:  Scotch Broom and mine has yellow flowers which look like freshly popped popcorn.  I wish I had smell-o-blog so I could share this sweetest of all fragrances with you.  I put this plant right by the door of wherever we live so, in this time of year, every time the door opens this sweet fragrance is swept into our home.

My favorite plant in my whole yard is in this photo!

I do enjoy annuals but must confess that perennials own my heart.  They are friends that return each Spring after a long absence.  I have collected quite a few over the years and when we moved to our current home it was quite a production getting samples to bring with me, even though the move was not very far.  I used to have three kinds of bleeding heart plants, the old-fashioned kind, the more modern red and white variety and an all white variety.  My dog Rosie at the all white kind and I am having trouble locating a specimen.  Here are photos of the two I purchased at Corky’s last year and they are both already looking lovely this year!

The Yarrow is up and has tons of buds set…it supposed to be good luck to be the first person to see the blooms open and tea from this plant is also supposed to be good for head colds.  I usually dry some of the leaves at the end of the season by hanging them upside down in my garage.

The yarrow is the less vibrant green plant in the photo.

And here is the boss of the yard this year, our resident Robin in charge of the bird bath.  This has been a challenging photo to get as he waits just until the camera is ready to shoot every single time and then the winged-booger flies off.  He is a beauty though:

This is the pond at Corky's....I would love to put one of these in our yard some day!

There are other plants I need to go hunt for, like my Solomon Seal.  When I find them I will be excited to share photos with you.  Until then, it is back to knitting sheep for me.  I have the baker’s dozen complete, 13 out of 24.  Now I get to do all the ones in the bright colors and that will be very energizing!  Take care and will have knitting photos for you in the next blog!

with love, light and laughter, Mary Ellen aka thehumanloom and Summit Yarn Studio