They really do still exist.  Cashmere Ratty has been among the missing for so long though that I just figured it made its way through one of the dog’s digestive tracts and that, as they say, was that.  Not so.  Two nights ago, my husband pulled Cashmere Ratty, Nikker’s most FAVORITE RATTY,  out of his pocket and handed it to me.  It had gone into hiding under the coffee table for a much needed hiatus.  It is my pleasure to announce the end of the hiatus.  When Nikkers saw Gary hand me the Ratty his eyes dilated up to the size of platters.  He became very still and then leaped from the cat tree to my lap.  He kissed the Ratty.  He petted the Ratty.  He nuzzled the Ratty.  Then we went off to bedtime and the real fun began.  I hid all the ratties under my comforter and Nikkers spent the whole time I was in the shower digging the ratties out.  Hilarious!  And he was just so proud of himself.  Here is the photo montage…it speaks for itself:

Green Ratty, Cashmere Ratty, Red Ratty

Nikkers adoring his Ratties three

Umm, Sinfonia, back away from the Ratties and I will allow you to keep your tail. Go ahead, make my day!

Nikkers sends greetings but is very busy herding the Ratties into proper formation.

with love,  Mary Ellen and Herd