As most of you know I have been given the privilege of doing a Pediboo display for Frog Tree Yarns for the upcoming TNNA in Columbus, Ohio.  The part of the display the company envisioned is complete and in their hands.  They called this morning and I am thrilled to have heard they loved the package and are looking for pattern support from the ideas I sent them!  What an incredible way to begin any day!  I have some more ideas that I am hoping to finish in time for TNNA and am hard at work at these as well in the few days that remain.  I have two more swatches completed.  One I did in Shadow Knitting (a technique referenced by Barbara Walker first and later by Vivian Hoxbro) and the other swatch I did in Garter stitch Entrelac.

Shadow Knit swatch....looks like just a bunch of stripes....right?

but get down at the right angle and look is a FROG!!!

And here is the garter stitch entrelac swatch, which I think would make just about any garment or scarf or shawl look awesome:

I especially love how these subtle colors work together....they would be great colors for baby boy clothes!

Currently there are 13 out of 24 sheep complete for what I hope will be a completely eye-catching display to draw attention to the Frog Tree Yarns booth…here is FLOCK WOOLIGAN so far:

Flock Wooligan....and they all have names! The white one in front is, of course, Ewenice! The green one all the way in the back is Ewelonda!

Many thanks from the Flock and their MaaMaa to Auntie Lisa for their much needed body parts…doesn’t that just sound like black market organ trafficking?  I assure it is not…just ears, tails and legs, thank ewe very much!

Finally,  thanks to my liege, Sir Franklin Habit of Chicago, this last little number that took 24 hours to knit, has been rolling around in my head since the class on lace edgings I took with him back in March at Loop Yarn in Philadelphia.  This man is just a knitting God.  A veritable Adonis and it breaks my heart he does not bat for my team…but I will continue to admire longingly from afar, though probably not in silence.  Anyway, during this class he shared with us a baby bonnet prototype he created.  The pattern he used was from “Last Minute Knitted Gifts” and he altered it just at the bottom edge with two rows of lace, one above the other.  It was nothing short of elegant.  I have searched all over Ravelry and cannot find a photo to refer you to…my apologies.  I did look up said bonnet pattern and it is very nice indeed but requires sewing, which in this particular garment it quite easily avoided….a bonnet is just an enormous heel turn after all.  I then went back to my file cabinet and extracted the first bonnet I ever knit and did the math.  I had some definite ideas when I began this project, but as so many knit projects do, this took on a life of its own.  Here is a photo of what this bonnet decided to become…BOISTEROUSLY VICTORIAN!  (I do live in a home inundated with testosterone…it really is no surprise this kind of girly girl stuff comes off my needles…it has to be expressed somewhere!  I did manage to suppress the urge to overdecorate with knitted flowers…sigh…):

yes, the lace goes ALL THE WAY AROUND...yes, there is also a picot i-cord though...

leaf lace from a book by Nicky Epstein and sawtooth lace of my own imagining...

The ties for the front are monk's cord tipped with leaves also from one of Nicky Epstein's "Over The Edge" books, which I absolutely treasure!

Said bonnet is resting tonight, soaked in a Brita pitcher all day and pinned/stretched into the exact right shape until it is dry.  I need to go buy a grapefruit or something to display it on until it is time to send the last of the goodies off to Frog Tree Yarn.  Clearly, Pediboo is a yarn so awesome it is meant for MUCH MORE than socks…but oh, it is also so very wonderful for socks, too!

Here are the customer projects that have come through the door in the last few days…Lisa is nearly done with her Peas Please Vest in Robin’s egg blue…my apologies, I did not photograph it today.

Socks by Martha in Abstract Fibers yarn...

Martha does the toes of her socks in the pattern called: "Eye of the Partridge" because this is where socks wear out for her. This stitch pattern gives her socks reinforcement and added longevity.

Miriam, as you know helped us all by finding an error, now corrected, with Insertion #3/3 of the Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan.  Here is her completed Block #16 — Carlisle Stripe:

Arsenic and Old Lace Square #16 by Miriam in The Netherlands

Martha using her beautiful handspun for the Estonian Lilac Leaves shawl...she substituted eyelets for the nupps and used only a single garter ridge between stitch patterns...I love this color of yarn! WANT!

This is Chris doing an amazing swatch. We designed this together...look in the middle and you can see an elephant's trunk. The edge's are Chris's brainchild and I love the stitch she chose. Really, please...your knitting IS YOUR ARTWORK...BE FEARLESS!

Chris chose the edging she is using because it looked to her like the elephants footprints and its meandering path.  I can hardly wait to see the finished swatch and I love how she tied the ideas together!

That is all for this catch-up blog.  The next one is all about my Nikkers and his favorite Ratty.  Stay tuned!

Loads of love and hugs, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio