There just has to be a firestarter in every flock.  In Flock Wooligan, her name is Ewelonda.  She seems to have some attitude adjustment issues and got the whole flock into a complete dither today.  It all must have begun sometime after I finished putting Hewegh (Hugh) together and into the corral with the rest of the flock.  I know I was feeling very pleased with myself for completing sheep number thirteen…getting closer to that ten sheep countdown!  Here is how they all looked:

Hewegh is in the back row patiently waiting for his face and other assorted parts.

You would think this would all be a non-issue, right?  Well, I did. I went back to the table and made the next sheep for the flock, Violette, and she looks awesome!

Violette is also patiently waiting for her adornments.

And just like before with Hewegh, I get up to go put her in the corral so she can get to know the rest of the flock.  What do I find?  The flock is in complete chaos…everything and everyone has run amok.  Ewelonda somehow convinced them that Hewegh was a ZOMBIE and any sheep that were still missing legs were for sure going to become ZOMBIES too!  The sheep with legs all jumped out of the corral, right on top of each other.  The ones without legs crapped so hard and so fast they propelled themselves into a corner as far away from poor Hewegh as they could get.  And I don’t even want to know how Ewelonda made it out of the corral and up on top of my newly blocked Victorian Baby Bonnet!

When the Flock Wooligan ran amok today...sigh...

I did manage to get everybody under control and convince them that NOBODY was a Zombie or even going to become a Zombie…and it took some fast talking because Ewelonda really had them all completely freaked out.  Ewelonda now has her own special corral and if she doesn’t get herself under control she got told she will be put in with the felted wool balls and never see the light of day again.

Ewelonda in timeout.

The rest of the flock has settled in and are now shunning Ewelonda until she learns to keep her mouth shut.  I personally think she is always going to be a bit of a free spirit.  They will all be at TNNA in Columbus, Ohio.  If you see Ewelonda and she is acting up, don’t hesitate to spank her for me!

Flock Wooligan and the Bell Jar time out corner.

All of the Flock Wooligan have been created from Pediboo by Frog Tree Yarns and there will be one sheep for every color and every sheep has its own name.  I do hope ewe get to meet them, they are quite the adorable crowd!  They are very excited for their first road trip!

loads of love,  Mary Ellen and Flock Wooligan