Last night I completed the last of 24 sheep bodies…each just big enough to fit in your cupped hand.  I knit them all on 2.25mm needles in Pediboo and stuffed them with scoured fleece.  These are for display only and will begin at TNNA in Columbus, Ohio next weekend.  Today I spent making ears, faces, tails and a few feet.  Fifteen of the flock are completely done.  Nine need their hooves and only five more need faces, ears and tails.  That leaves me a sweater and a baby blanket to finish, which given the remaining time is just feasible.

Flock Wooligan in the finishing stages.


While putting the face on the yellow sheep, which I had planned to call: Sunny…I realized that name was just all wrong.  She has been renamed after consulting with my fellow shepherds:  Ewebee.

Ewebee says: "Hi! Come visit me at the Frog Tree Yarn booth at TNNA!"


Barb Brown came by today with a magnificent hooked rug for family moving into a new home.  They are decorating a guest room with a farm theme and this is what she made to go in that room…Lisa, I tried to snag it for you but this lady can move too fast for me:

Barb Brown's hand hooked rug


Brian is feeling very pleased with his garden, especially now that it is yielding things edible.  Usually, he never eats strawberries, but today he did because he grew them.  Hmm, maybe I should get some green bean plants!  Here are some photos from this week:

I think the sunflowers are Brian's favorites because of how fast they grow and bloom...he wants more of these.


Here are photos of this month’s sock worked up in Schaefer’s Nicole just to tempt you a little more:

close-up view of Full Foliage Sock Club sock for June


And finally, all the cuteness:

Mimi is melting in this untoward heat!


Sputters holding onto Red Ratty. Nikkers stole it away later anyway.


Ellie came for lovies and that order. She says: hey!


The Arsenic and Old Lace KAL will resume after TNNA…so look for more patterns beginning on Wednesday, June 15.  Until then, work on your edging and insertions and sewing…remember to match things up nicely!  And thanks again for your patience…this has been a great marathon of creativity and I am looking forward to sharing about it all with you!

with love, laughter and light,  Mary Ellen and all things Summit Yarn