As you know, yesterday was very busy.  Brian and I even made an excursion to my friend, Lisa’s home.  She has the most beautiful garden and will be starting her own blog very soon.  In the meantime I will be photographing its progress and sharing here.  It was interesting to walk the garden with her.  When I look at the garden, I see places where there is such beauty it needs to be photographed as artwork.  When Lisa looks at the garden, IT IS her artwork AS A GARDEN.  When I would shoot a photo and then show her, it was as if she was seeing it for the first time.  I really enjoyed sharing those moments with her…I enjoyed the shared vision…our new insights into how each other sees in this world.

While we were at Lisa’s, she and Leo took us to meet the chickens.  I feel extremely guilty I did not have a treat for them and next time will go with cornbread in hand.  I also learned that birds, chickens in particular have the best names…ever…period…the end.  Buff Cochin…Silver Lace Wyandot…Black Astralorpe…and my apologies for any mispelling, never having heard any of these nouns before in my life!  Here are the ladies:

Here they are in their coop, complete with covered run.


The two very fluffy tan chickens are Flossie and Lydia the Buff Cochins. Between them is the Black Astralorpe who is very shy because she does not have a name yet.


The white and black chicken is the Silver Lace Wyandot!


This is Catherine Veleker's photograph and chicken...I felt her Firefly Farm derserved equal time. She has lots more chickens and if you friend her on facebook you can see them in her album!


And keeping with today's avian theme is this little sweet baby Amy Oh!krazinski is nursing back to health. Go feed that baby, Amy! I can hear it from here!


While meeting with Jay, the Noro Man, yesterday I was able to order some new Amity Print for those of you out there who are fans.  It will be arriving late August, early September for your knitting pleasure.  Here are photos of the eight new colorways:

New Amity Print for 2011/2012 -- first four colors.


New Amity Print for 2011/2012 -- second four colors.


The other good news is that we will be expecting flounce along with the same shipment…but in all new colors and some solids.  I will keep you apprised as I know more.  All the old colors have been discontinued.  The Noro lace yarn has been discontinued as well.  Jay had one leftover sample which her left here at the studio yesterday and I managed to come up with a pattern for you.  Lisa has already test knit the pattern and given her nod of approval.  It is all garter stitch and takes about 400 yards of yarn (more or less depending on the size you would like to wind up with).  Here are the very complex directions:

Using lace weight yarn and US2-3 needles cast on 5 stitches.

Knit in the front and back (Kfb) of the first two stitches, place marker, K1, place marker, Kfb X 2.

Next Row:  KNIT.

Now repeat the following two rows until you just have enough yarn remaining to bind off:

(1) Kfb, knit to one st before the marker, Kfb, slip marker, K1, slip marker, Kfb, K to last st, Kfb.

(2) KNIT.

You can do a crochet bind off, or use a different color border, or just about any edge you can dream up.  Have fun with this and make it your artwork.

Free Triangle shawl pattern.


Take care and stay tuned for my TNNA adventures.  with loads of love, light, and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio