What an incredible day today was!  It was just full of adventures, new people and the opportunity to see the fiber world from a completely new point of view.  I am inspired, amazed and completely humbled.  Flock Wooligan was received with love, adoration, excitement and a repeated demand for a pattern.  The pattern will be available next week in my Ravelry Store as well as from Frog Tree Yarns.  The sheep are amazing knit in either their Pediboo Yarn with Frog Tree Alpaca ears/tail/feet or completely in Frog Tree Alpaca.  Even though I used the same work/pattern with each sheep I knit, each one still has a personality and attitude all its own.  So stay tuned.  Here is a photoessay starting with my dinner companion from last night at the Cracker Barrel somewhere in Ohio near a Harley Davidson dealership…don’t ask…words would escape me…really…

I love old photos like this one...I have some of my Great Grandmother Maude Eliza Walling dressed just like this, updoo and all.


near sunset last night...just beautiful...photo very hard to get while driving...shh!


DO EWE PEDIBOO? Special thanks to my husband, Gary who went hunting for just the right letter set that also contained a question mark. Who knew address letters don't also make question marks...but who would put "276 East Grove Street?" as an address...ahh...ohh!


Tricia and Chet aka "Grumpy" (self-proclaimed...I called him "dude" and was corrected...lol)...these are my beloved employers and just all-around awesome people whom I admire without restraint.


Guess who knit those socks hanging from the middle of Flock Wooligan? Cat Bordhi, that's who...and she LOVED the flock and wants the pattern! How cool is that?


The Frog Tree Booth at TNNA with all Pediboo garments on the main backdrop wall.


Lisa's display of the baby bonnet in Pediboo was moved to give height to the hat display. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH LISA!


Among other garments you can see both the Rosette Scarflette and the Fauxbury Scarf in this display! Woot!


This is the new fundraising display sponsored by Frog Tree yarns and strongly supported by designer, Linda Daniels. I have to get all the details, but Frog Tree Yarns will be donating 25% of the profits on pink knit "kits" (details to follow) from now until January 2012.


These are Cat Bordhi's new Zebra Socks knit in Pediboo. They have an all new heel construction and appear to be knit from the top down. I can't wait to try this out! Just love the Zebra's mane!


close up of the Zebra Socks in Pediboo!


This is a new free pattern designed by Linda Daniels to raise money for cancer research. Both her younger sister and sister-in-law are battling forms of cancer. I was very moved to hear her talk about all they have been through. Her sister especially loves chemo caps out of Pediboo because of its soothing softness and washability. This hat, modeled by Linda's daughter Adrianne, is called the Lymphoma Doma and uses the double circle which is the symbol for lymphoma awareness. Linda will be autographing copies of her pattern tomorrow (ahem, today) at 2pm in the Yarn Marketplace at TNNA. See you then! Linda: YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!

close-up view of the Doma...it has a picot edge and two skeins of Pediboo will make three of these hats.


Completed Pediboo baby blanket...I know the lighting and therefore the color stinks...but the I-cord edge is done and all the ends are buried! I can hand it over with pride to Tricia and Chet tomorrow and then work on the Pediboo sweater pattern I designed! ...just when you thought i was done...not so much!


That as they say is that for today (yesterday).  I am going to go take my third shower of the day because it is just that hot and humid here.  Take care, sweet dreams and I hope to have more great stories for you in the next blog tomorrow evening (read this evening)…who is kidding who?  I already have some great stories from dinner tonight…what a great bunch of people the Frog Tree yarn reps are!


nighty night,  Mary Ellen  aka thehumanloom…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz