Today I have so much to share with you and about a jillion funny stories and zero time…kid has a baseball game in 15 minutes.  So we will have a quickie:  I knit the square today and everything looked fine to me.  Does that mean anything?  Probably not.  If there are any issues just let me know and I will address them, although this square does seem pretty straight forward.  It is called: “CHECKERED ACE” and is an old Shetland Lace stitch pattern.  It was used in the 1800’s to imitate patches of fields in a pastoral countryside…again reflective of the Victorian obsession with imitating Nature through their Artwork.

That was cute, I forgot to put this file in the post…woops!  Just click on arsenic17 and the pdf will open for you at long last.  Thank you for your patience and endurance.

the square in situ

close-up view of the lace

Brian was hard at work in his garden today:

Ewenice felt the need to stand guard over the Swiss Chard!

your daily dose of the cuteness!

More tomorrow…something happened today that made me laugh for thirty minutes…I kid you not!

with light, love and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn