The names and circumstances of this post have been changed to protect the innocent from my warped sense of humor.  If you ask I will patently refuse to tell you any other details.  Are we clear?

Okay…first a photo-introduction:

"The Blessed Mother" with babe and sheep...because holding a baby is not hard enough by itself.


Pachamama...The Peruvian Earth Mother...Our Planet


Kuan Yin...healer and compassionate energy


Multiarmed Asian Goddess...every woman wishes for this...


Kuan Yin...modern interpretation


Kuan Yin with babe in arms...because you can not be a Goddess if you do not multitask


Traditional Kuan Yin Statue I like Kuan of my favorites.


Maid...Mother...Crone Triad



Saraswati...Goddess of Learning and the Arts


I NEVER felt like a goddess when I was pregnant...huge and puking that's all


multiethnic Goddeses


Lakshmi...Goddess of Prosperity and Fertility


Was speaking with a customer ordering a specific design.  She happens to be from New England and yet until yesterday I never had any issues understanding her.  She was asking for a new design with a “Goddess Stitch” border.  At first I was going to ask “just what is that stitch?” but then I didn’t want to appear to be any more of an imbecile than I already am so I decided I would figure this out on my own.  All of a sudden she is on the phone saying: “Mary Ellen, listen — G…A…R…T…E…R stitch!”   Ooooooooooooooh!  Well, we both started laughing.  Of course she had more to tell me…but it was problematic.  I hear her turn to her husband and say, “Dude, I can’t get her to stop laughing…”  He says, “Why?”  She says, “I asked her something and then just silence…”  Now, I am lost in laughter and hand the phone to my husband.  She completely rendered me useless.  THEN, I go to my son’s baseball game and ask another friend to say this word “GARTER” and I spell it for her.  In her best Bostonian accent she says what can only repeat sounds just like, “GODDESS STITCH”.  She was kind enough to give me a few other linguistic cues for future discussion with this customer, and for that I am very grateful.  You should all know, I once laughed over something Gary, my husband, did for two weeks.  Really.

Anyway, we had our Friday night class last night instead and celebrated my adventure and Lisa’s retirement from Corky’s.  Lourdes and Ardis were there working on a new sweater.  Jamie fed me dinner and brought Margarita Cupcakes…Oh so GOOD!  I provided wine coolers.  Martha also joined us and shared her completed Lilac Leaves shawl from handspun laceweight yarn:

Martha left out the Nupps and used four eyelets to replace them.


My son playing first base last night at the game. He also got a base hit!


Chris got stuck in traffic while driving to the Jersey Shore...but she did make great progress on her socks.


I caught Ewenice wandering in the garden again today giving heck to the crows and the squirrels. She is back in place on her rock now...under protest.


blurry but that tail.


THIS is your daily dose of cute. xox


Take care and please say a prayer or two for a good friend of mine just diagnosed with cancer.  He has a long road ahead of him and my heart will be with him every step of the way.  God will know who you mean.

with love, light and laughter even in the face of adversity (maybe just to spite adversity!), Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn