Today I completed all five swatches for a baby blanket project…in order to find just the right gauge.  Pediboo works up beautifully, washes without any issues and has soft drape after laundering that no other otherwise comparable yarn possesses.  When I am not knitting it as socks, my next favorite needle size is a US5 (3.75mm) which gives a wonderful gauge and great stitch definition.  I also discovered that Pediboo held doubled and worked on US10 needles gives perfect bulky gauge and beautiful fabric.  Here are the photos from today:

all five swatches blocking on my ironing board today


swatch knit on US5 at 23 sts and 34 rows per four inches


swatch knit on US6 at 21 sts and 30 rows per four inches


swatch knit on US8 with a gauge of 20 sts and 27 rows per four inches (the US7 swatch did not change much from the US 6 swatch). The gauge is pretty loose but I can not get a finger through the stitches so still acceptable...but much less stitch definition.


swatch completed on US10 needles with gauge 16 sts and 22 rows per four inches...the fabric feels soft but durable and I feel good about the stitch definition in this swatch too. A 32" X 34" baby blanket would take 7 skeins and be OH! so warm!...not to mention how fast it would knit up. (Retail $101.50)


Just in today from Great Adirondack Yarn Company are four remaining skeins of Sierra (Suzy has already purchased two skeins…1200 yards) in the color:  Baroque; 100% Alpaca.  It is just beautiful…also arrived, more alpaca in sport weight from Frog Tree Yarns in beautiful natural colors.  Here is a photo:

Baroque Sierra and Frog Tree Sport weight Alpacas...nice to work with in this weather!


Lisa has five skeins of Pediboo waiting for her to make a sweater, three skeins of Ultimate cashmere bulky but is picking up her son from the airport…he is just in from Leeds, England for a visit!  Have a great time guys and welcome home Mark…you are missed!

As for me, we are off to the movies tonight…Super Eight I think.  Will let you know.  Quidam, the Cirque du Soleil production at the Arena in Wilkes Barre was spectacular…on every level.  The costuming and make-up are unmatched, as is the talent.  What gets to me most are the emotions these shows drag out of my heart…it is at moments challenging emotionally to keep up with everything going on…but worth it.  If you can get there, even by yourself, GO!  You will thank me later.

Here are the Pediboo before and after usage pictures…even though I am still creating samples from what is left…look at how much yarn I went through in just six weeks:

two bags of one each of the 24 colors of Pediboo, representing 6120 begin the journey


700g is all that remains in bits of color...some of the colors entirely used up...the equivalent of seven skeins or 1785 yards remaining....thats just 4335 yards knit in six short weeks!


Here is a photo of Brian at his tennis lesson yesterday:

He began with this teacher, Bill, when he was two years old.


It poured rain here today with glorious thunder and brilliant lightning:

most of it passed during our lunch hour


and your daily dose of cuteness including BOTH the brothers Sputnik today:

we are holding hands and speaking sweetly to each other this morning


we used to have to check their right front paws to tell them apart as kittens


And that, my friends, as they say, is that for today.  Have a lovely weekend, come see me tomorrow if you can (open 10:15 to 2 pm with class from 10:15 till noon), and get your knit on!

with love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn