A week out from my first experience of TNNA as a designer, I have been able to process the experience just a bit.  I sent off the Christening Stole swatches today for Tricia’s opinion.  I began a sample for them of the “FAUXBERRY” SCARF, which was a great hit at the show and re-testing that pattern, since I have not looked at it in quite awhile.  It remains quick, enjoyable and fairly mindless…something you can knit while you are visiting with others…always nice to have a project like that on hand.  (It strongly reminds one of Burberry without being a rip-off.  One woman at Vogue Knitting Live was staring at it as she walked along…and walked right into a pole!)   I will put up photos when someone comes in that I can wheedle into modeling for me…hopefully Tuesday Suzy or Donna will stop in…they are always good sports for that job.

I did purchase, download and begin “SPECTRA” by Stephen West and am enjoying the knit thoroughly.  The pattern is well-written and straight-forward…easy to understand and something I heartily recommend you go to Ravelry and purchase from Mr. West. This pattern uses one skein of Noro sock yarn and a solid coordinating fingering weight yarn.  He gets a five star “ATTA-BOY” from me for a job well-done.  All seven colors of the new NORO sock yarn, TAIYO, are arriving next week.  This yarn is 50% cotton and also has some silk.  Very Soft.  Very Yum.  When it arrives this yarn will be ON SPECIAL for the first week as a BOHO PURCHASE…buy one ball, get one 50% off as a special introduction.  The day it arrives I will post on the blog so you know.

Nikkers, subject of so many photos, was playing “Captain Grab-ass” last night.  Apparently, at some point the sheets slipped off and it seems to be his strong opinion that only one moon can shine at night.  Then his brother, Sputters, decided he needed to be loose to roam about the house and started pawing at the door.  Now that hours for the studio are over for the day, I am going to go home, get the boys and go find a movie that interests them so I can take a well-deserved nap in the darkness of the theater.

Take care and stay in touch.  With love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn