OMG!  Did someone say FLOUNCE?  YES, I just got off the phone with Knitting Fever and a bag in every color is on the way.  The new colors can be found on the company’s website and I will not know the retail price until the shipment arrives with the invoice.  If you are interested, I can take pre-orders.  Just email me with your name, email address, and details of the colors you would like and quantities.  I am happy to ship…if you need this please include those pertinent details as well.  When the Flounce arrives, I will post here on the blog.  I know you all are eagerly waiting for this yarn because I find that someone has searched it everyday in the search stats.  Thanks for your patient wait.

Suzy modeling FAUXBERRY in one of many styles it can be wrapped.


Put the scarf on "backwards" and wrap and drape to suit yourself.


Frog Tree received the document for this pattern today in their email and sent it off to their graphic designer, Marcia (who, by the way is completely AWESOME!).  Tricia (president of Frog Tree Yarns) promised to let me know as soon as this pattern is printed and available, as it was very popular at TNNA.

I finished the writing of the Fleece To Foot Competition pattern today but still have to test knit, edit and type.  The deadline is July 8th and approaching all too rapidly.  Now I am making lists of names for this super secret project and I wish I could ask for help…!  I also began typing up the Flock Wooligan sheep pattern.  These Pediboo sheep began as just a simple display idea for this year’s TNNA.  Just knitting all 24 of them in time was an adventure (thanks AGAIN AND AGAIN to Lisa for knitting ears/tails/feet!).  It never entered my imagination Cat Bordhi would even notice them or that other people would want knit kits of these lovable little adventurers.   (The kits were Cat Bordhi’s idea; she and a friend of hers who is also a designer gave some really awesome ideas!)   At the show we took some custom orders, and I am putting those kits together as we speak.  From here on out, the sheep will be available in kits of six, just like the Pediboo Colorpacks.  More information to follow.  The Flock is currently at home on the back of Tricia and Chet’s couch (owners of Frog Tree Yarns) in Cape Cod.  They are quite happy to be resting after all their miles of travel.  Here are the pictures from their trip:

The original Frog Tree Sport Alpaca sheep, a Wensleydale named, Winifred Wooligan, who started this all and her Shepherdess.


The last nine sheep on the day of their completion...all ears in the wind!


Lisa and I in her beautiful garden with the Flock, their first official outing.


The Flock Wooligan were the Darlings to meet at this year's TNNA! They have a special place in their heart for Cat Bordhi!

The Flock modeling with Cat Bordhi's Zebra Pediboo Socks (I think these socks have her newest heel architechture)!


A Wooligan made just for Cat Bordhi after her much appreciated sharing of the sheep with attendees at TNNA. This is Zeb Ewedhia Wooligan, the Only.


This is Chet Petkiewicz, co-owner of Frog Tree Yarns, giving Zeb a protected place to wait for Cat.


The orange Pediboo arrived for my friend's chemocaps, neckwarmers and socks...they are there in potentia.


My son and his beloved cat, Durga. This is a rare scene. Usually, the only time Durga is on the bed is after Brian is fully asleep. So if Durga is not on the bed I know someone is playing possum.


both boys balked at having their picture taken...go figure...


So, I have an afghan square to knit tonight, the next section of the competition sock, and maybe I will treat myself to a few rows of my Spectra Scarf!  Take care, more photos tomorrow and the next installment of Arsenic and Old Lace KAL.

with love, laughter and light,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn