Still hard at work on the competition pattern so have not had time to reknit this square. However, it has been test knit and edited by the knitters of Summit Yarn and here it is:

This is a reversible knit/purl stitch pattern used in the 1800’s as an all-over pattern for knit socks. It is however, equally useful for a scarf, sweater, neck warmer or just about anything you can imagine. Have fun with this stitch and as soon as I have the square knit up I will post a photo and update this pattern with a photo.

The Omigami Heart Tribe had its weekly meeting this morning. Three of us are nearly done with a new cotton summer sweater and they are looking awesome. Here are photos:

Debbie has completed the body of her sweater and began the sleeves today.

Ardis and Lourdes are working on the yokes of their sweaters.

We had thunder storms roll through our area last night and the cats were all on “weird” from the time we came home. Sputters kept staring at I don’t know what and Nikkers spent most of the night pacing up and down the bed.

You can see Sputters is having a case of the weirds with the oncoming electrical storms.

This is what I woke up to this morning: Nikkers was just worn out by staying up all night. Poor baby.

Take care and I’m going back to my many design projects and maybe just a little sleep. I did get to the gym today and put in four miles on the treadmill…YAY!

with love, laughter and light,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn ;-D