Brian helps me collect photos all week for this blog installment.  Sometimes my friends and the knitters of Summit Yarn send in photos as well — all greatly appreciated!  Here is what we put together this week:

Good Job New York!


Amy O's IKE wearing her great-grandmother's jewelry! kisses Ike!


Guinness World Record Knitting Needles



Half of Flock Wooligan poses for a family shot!


The other half of Flock Wooligan sends their regards from Cape Cod, MA.


After a very long week, Chris finally made it to the beach...and so did her knitting!


In Syracuse, NY at Brian's CTC Tennis Match this Saturday.


A New Baby Blanket Design for Pediboo: Knit and Purl Diamonds, completely reversible, easy and interesting to knit!


Sputters is overcome with passion for Sinfonia...Sinfonia just wants him to go away.


Nikkers gives his seal of approval to the new design.


Nikkers reads the directions for setting up the TV to Gary and Brian: " it says to it says to WHY IS THIS SO COMPLICATED?" Personally, I didn't know he could read!


Durga takes a nap.


Brian at his tennis lesson.


Sinfonia is finally feeling more forgiving.


Mimi during her daily yoga asana practice. Shh...she is concentrating!


And now I return to the newest sock design and then some time on Uncle Dude’s chemo cap.  Take care and let me know how your summer is going!  I hope it is fun!

with love, laughter and light,  Mary Ellen

P.S.  The newest issue of Knitty is up and full of quick knits…including a new Stephen West pattern.

Also:  if you like Angry Birds then you SIMPLY MUST try “Bunny Shooter”…I am now waiting for the next update…sigh.