Wednesday started out great!  The weekly meeting of the Omigami Heart Tribe (aka Wednesday morning class with the usual suspects…you know who you are).  Everybody is putting the finishing touches on their cotton summer cardigan and we picked out our next project…Franklin Habit’s newest stole named after his grandmother.  We are working in Skacel’s Filigran (2 skeins required) and the stole is beautiful.  Let me know if you want to join in the fray!

Here is Lourdes modeling her nearly completed sweater:

Lourdes just has to put on the front edges!


As per an order from a dear friend, Grumpy, I took time to smell the roses/flowers (actually Bee Balm…hoping to draw some hummingbirds):

The flowers and the bird bath.


Here is Brian’s lettuce box at home…please come join us sometime for a salad:

Iceberg and Romaine


Then, we took off to go have dinner at one the best kept secrets in the area:  Pop Pops at the Lackawanna State Park.  This is where we go when we go camping and this, my friends, is camping in style with great Italian food!

The pool at the park is right behind where Brian is sitting.


Gary had sausage and peppers.


salad and sandwich for me


This is Pop Pop's!


Then we went home.  I had typing to do, Gary had a lawn to mow and Brian a bike to ride…fast.  Of course, fast.  Then…the inevitable happened and the bike tried to eat my son’s calf.  And that is how we got to visit the local emergency room…with a 4 inch long gash one inch deep in his leg…fabulous…just fabulous.  But you know…it all came up fine in the end.  There was even a TV in the ER room, so we could watch “America’s Got Talent” together.

me and my baby boy


Gary...I guess Fate figured he didn't spend enough time in a hospital yesterday.

We got home around midnight but you can imagine the adrenaline surge…I wasn’t able to get to sleep until nearly 2 a.m.  Needless to say, the Arsenic and Old Lace pattern didn’t get typed until this morning.  I planned to type the July Summit Sock Club pattern this afternoon…but had a yarn rep visit…did manage to get the pattern typed this evening.  Once again, I will have the kits ready on time.  It is almost a miracle each month.  Brian is researching how to clone cells…we are thinking of cloning some mini-me’s for an arsenal of sheep knitters!

Here is what sunset looked like Wednesday night:

and Sputters volunteered for your daily dose of cute:

Sputters is the picture of contentment.


Oh and p.s. — here is the information about Clara Parkes’ upcoming book:  “The Knitter’s Book of Socks”…which will be out October 11th and I plan on having it as soon as I can lay hands on it!

want...need...must have!


Take care and keep on knitting!  Please also keep our dear Uncle Dude in your prayers.  This is looking like it is going to be a very challenging cancer to treat.  Please send good vibes, prayers, positivity in any form you can…Uncle Dude is one of my most favorite people in the world.  When we brought our son home from Miami, Uncle Dude was waiting on the tarmac for us (this was before 9/11).  As I stepped onto home ground, the tears began…I finally felt safe and that the adoptive process was done.  My husband looked at me and said:  “Now, you cry?”.  Uncle Dude sent dear hubby after the luggage, hugged me and said:  “I get it. I really do.”  That is Uncle Dude.  Even when he is arsing around and I can only believe about one eighth of what he says, always, I know he gets it…he understands and he is my loyal friend.  We live in a small world.  The positivity we bring into the world is always a blessing, no matter the end result.  We are all connected by our thoughts, words, intentions and so much more.

with love, and light,

Mary Ellen and family