My mother taught me how to knit when I was four years old.  She wanted to go to bowling league and I wanted something to do.  Having just adopted my first ever cat, Oliver (named after the movie, Oliver Twist)…I set out to knit him a blanket all his own.  Whenever Mom needed a baby present, I pitched in and helped by knitting the booties and bonnet while she powered through the sweater and blanket…back then a whole layette was given.  I was surrounded by an incredible tribe of women back then and I learned everything from them I could…especially when to keep my mouth shut and be invisible so I learn things they would rather I didn’t.

Then, as life went along, I wound up working mostly in a man’s world:  Asbestos Safety Inspector for NJ, secretary to my Dad, then medical school and residency.  During that period of my life it was harder to fit in with any tribe of women; women being fairly scarce as physicians, many nurses having a bit of disdain for docs (unless the doc was an eligible male), and the basic fact that women are just harder on women in the workplace.  It was a necessary education.

Now, I feel I have come back home to roost, thanks to the women who make Summit Yarn what it is, thanks to Tricia and Chet from Frog Tree Yarns, thanks to the women I count among my closest friends and thanks to the knitting/fiber community at large.  When I read Tina Newton’s most recent post, “Bobblicious”, I wept and smiled and loved every word.  Her blog, as I mentioned yesterday is at Blue Moon Fiber Arts and the latest blog refers to a sweater designed for Tina by my knitting Hero, Anna Zilboorg.  It wouldn’t have mattered really what the sweater looked like…it is the vibe of the whole thing that I wanted to wrap around my heart and body.  That kind of friendship, that kind of positivity and that kind of “impish” willingness to fully LIVE are all qualities I actively invite to be what comprises my life and the world around me.

This morning the pdf arrived and I did my spastic happy dance in the office at the studio!  The sweater is already on needles.  I would wax poetic about the bobbles, but Tina has already done that in spades.  However, she did not go on about the cuffs and edging which are sheer genius.  Here are photos of both sides of the fabric (I love both sides…and even tried to see if my husband would like the WS as much as I do but damn if he didn’t go for the right side!)

this is the right side of the edge and cuffs of the sweater, Tina's Sweater


this is the wrong side, which I like even more....for its simplicity I think


The pattern can be purchased as a pdf at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website.  Go have a look around.  Tina Newton is a color genius and a poet.  When she writes from her heart…sheer poetry.  Her dyers notes are the main reason I subscribe to her sock club.  Those words inspire me and often help me pull myself up when all else fails.

Tina is in her fav color: green and Anna Zilboorg is in blue.

Last night we had our annual fireworks-in-the-driveway…Gary, Brian, Kathy, and me…and wine coolers.  It was just lovely.  I was a little worried about the trees and shrubs at the end of our driveway, but they do seem to have survived yet another year.  Here are the relevant photos:

Kathy...I bet she would be thrilled if I stopped snapping photos randomly!


Number One Son!


Today at the studio Brian and I spent some time in his beautiful garden and found three eggplants, multiple tomatoes and had to stake up the sunflowers.  It is amazing what can be done with just a tiny plot of ground!

Brian's Produce


I spent some time on the Heirloom Baby Blanket for Frog Tree Yarns, then Lisa dropped off some parts for the next sheep and now I am at work on the TinaSweater.  Later I have to put some more time in on the baby blanket…knitknitknit…here is what it looks like so far:

Heirloom Baby Blanket Pattern sample from Pediboo for Frog Tree Yarns


We had a mini-celebration:  Brian was admitted to Virtual Italian next year…very tough to get into this class.  Kudos to his instructional supervisor for pulling strings…she is nothing short of valiant!  And here is your daily dose of cuteness…Nikkers and I were having a million kisses and Gary snagged us:

with love, laughter and light always,

Mary Ellen and crew and Summit Yarn  ;-D