I have built up an enormous backlog of photos of my beloved furry friends and children…here are some of them for your viewing pleasure…that and I haven’t heard from Gerrie for a few days:

Ellie went swimming up at the lake this past weekend. She came for a visit today. Yay!


Nikkers has a new perch...on the back of my chair when I am knitting...sometimes. I think he can see moths outside the window.


Nikkers having a pre-bedtime nap.


Lord Durga is too cute and must be kissed on the top of his head.


My Whitney, part Border Collie and part Sheltie, as it turns out is quite camera shy. She was laying at my feet with just one ear up listening, but the minute I pulled out the camera phone, she went and hid behind Gary.


Daisy is also very camera shy, but I think she was half asleep when I took this...or she is so badly in need of a haircut she couldn't tell what I was doing!


Nikkers gets to work on his bedtime bath.



Nikkers and Sputters waiting for me to find consciousness this morning. I'm not entirely sure I ever did!


SS11_poster8-5×11  open this to see what you should be doing THE LAST WEEK OF THIS JULY —Sock Summit 2011 IS NOT TO BE MISSED!   IF I thought packing tonight would make it come any faster I would go pack right now!  There is all the info you need on the Blue Moon fiber Arts site…shh!  there is even going to be a flash mob!  How cool is that?!

Question:  for those of you tooling around on Ravelry,…am I alone in noticing a dramatic increase in the price of patterns lately?  I saw one today for a COWL which was really a stitch extracted from Barbara Walker, selling for $7…please educate me and share your opinions.  I am sure I am missing something…

Take care!  with love, laughter and light, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn