Two Septembers ago my computer was used as nothing more than a glorified word processor and a place to store music and family photos.  That was good enough for me.  I have an iPod, which I enjoy very much but probably don’t use to its full potential and a Kindle which I love (I know…I can hear hissing from the anti-ebook crowd…sorry…I do love real books too, but the Kindle makes travel so much easier!).  My husband and son, of course, are quite literate in all things computer and techno.  I can tread water and once in awhile may even surprise you out of desperation.  That said, when I was 12 years old my “iPod” was a deck of cards and my cell phone was my bicycle (be home before dark or be grounded).  The new technologies are presenting new needs for new parenting skills not covered in any parenting book I read in my pediatric residency.

We are learning that we all need to shut off things techno around 6pm at night so our brains can have a rest and we can sleep the way our bodies need us to sleep.  Even more so, children need to adhere to this.  Of course, every night at 6pm (or when I remember) my son and I go to war over his iPod.  He often has it removed for being mouthy about the bottom line.  Last night, after leaving the movie theater, I was really just more concerned with making sure he still had it…my 12 year old son having a tendency to lose things, so I asked if he had his iPod.  He tossed it into my lap, thinking it was our daily scrimmage.  Big Mistake on his part.  He was busily texting in the back seat and wouldn’t say to whom.  Also a BIG MISTAKE.  Phone confiscated and time to start going through and seeing what Apps were on the iPod and who was on the cell phone (I check like a good parent almost every night).

Apps are “applications” or games, utilities (calculator, clock, compass), music, books, Kindle, Netflix…just about anything you can think of, there is an “App” for that.  In fact, Horatio, I learned last night THERE ARE MORE THINGS THAT ARE APPS THAN I WOULD EVER HAVE IMAGINED…and I think my son found them all.  What is beautiful about my relationship with my son, is that as he discovers new technology, he is kind enough to keep me informed.  For instance, he found out how to “stack” apps…kind of like the sock drawer I thought I was hiding stuff in when I was 12, only way more sophisticated.  How, you ask, would you know?  When you want to delete an app from the iPod, you just press and hold.  Then all the unstacked apps get little “x”‘s in their upper corner and jiggle.  Just press the x and the app is deleted.  Any app that does not get an X is then suspect.  Stop the jiggling by pressing the big round button at the bottom of the iPod.  Then tap the suspect apps.  If there are hidden apps in them, like say Playboy, then the button will show several small apps (little squares).  I would encourage you to open them up and have a look see.  If you are uncertain, all apps are rated at the bottom of their page in the App store (Blue Square usually on the first page of the iPod).  Brian lost quite a few Apps last night and lost his Ipod until I get done feeling freaked out.

A friend of his had recommended, (thank you so very much person who shall remain un-named), a chatroom app to my son.  My son made friends with “Tiffany”  aka “sexy chick” and this is who he was busily texting in the car when the aformentioned scrimmage began and was ended by Yours Truly.  When we got home, I contacted parents of said friend and suggested a little recon because I don’t know who really got who started…my son is just as clever and their child so no finger pointing…never useful anyway.  And this is why I posted this info…they had to get their college age child to look at other child’s stuff because they don’t even know how to look.  Please learn if your child has these items.  There are so many predators out there and bad things happen way too quickly.  Enough said.  Thank you for your time.  Now we return to our regularly scheduled knitting and pet discussion.

not sure if I remembered to post this...was on a car belonged to a Vietnam War Vet...God Bless!


It took me just two days to complete the first piece of “Tina’s Sweater” and I love this knit.  The stitch patterns are beautiful and fun to do.  The sweater is going to have a slight A-line shape, which is flattering to every figure (or so I was told by both my mother and my grandmother).  And…I just plain like this knit.  Here are two photos:

first half of the back of the sweater


close-up view...I am making the largest size and am finding the recommended yardage for this size is right on target...thank you Anna Zilboorg and BMFA!


I am also nearly done with Uncle Dude’s Chemo Cap.  I did a simple K1P1 rib hat from the top down (he has an enormous skull…very smart…lots of brains) so that I could fit the hat perfectly.  I also chose this stitch pattern so the hat would fit with and without hair.  He asked for Orange Pediboo and he gets what he asked for:

Uncle Dude's Chemo Cap


And Here is Uncle Dude this past week somewhere in his travels…please continue prayers for him as he begins chemo next week and more biopsies!  Thanks!

You have to guess which guy is Uncle Dude! Haha!


Taylor and Kayla came to class this morning (Saturdays are for our younger knitters) and I worked them both into comas.  Especially poor Kayla, who just got back from stay away basketball camp!  They both learned a bunch and have mastered both the knit and purl stitches.  Taylor, I think, got more than she bargained for…but looked so comfortable I taught her a lace cable rib and she got it right away!  Keep practicing BOTH OF YOU!  I can’t wait till next Saturday so we can do more!

Kayla and Taylor's learning swatches...just beautiful!

Brian, my beloved and curious son, got sent to work out with my trainer, Joy.  He texted me afterward that he was tired byt had a great time…either true or sucking up.  However, then I received this from Joy:

And we swing to the other extreme of parenting. I put this in my saved emails for when I need to remember when things work great. He is a great son and just a normal 12 year old boy. Never having been a 12 year old BOY I have absolutely no clue. Deep Breath.


Thank you Joy and George of Visions Fitness…please, if you are local they are really the best and give them both my highest recommendation!  XOX

and finally, the cuteness for today:

Smidgen takes a nap. Same chair different day.


Nikkers and his mama's gut...fat but fit, that's me!


Take care and tune in tomorrow for a very creative blog…no rants…all imagination…hmmmmm……

with love, light and laughter after the screaming,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio