A new pattern will be coming in my Ravelry Store sooner than hoped but it was a great opportunity to think outside the box.  Introducing: Sock Wooligan, from fleece to foot to EWE!  This was my Design for Glory entry for the Sock Summit 2011 Fleece to Foot competition.  Make sure you go visit the Sock Summit Design for Glory page and vote on one of the six beautiful finalist socks.  They are all awesome and I am not sure yet which I like best (although the lacy rib one really speaks to me).   Here is Sock Wooligan, my entry and soon to be available pattern:

The sock was inspired by our little Flock Wooligan and is knit top-down. Just some sheepy wonderfulness for all of Ewe.


Ahh! the Ocean...


Chris has her June Sock "Full Foliage" one needles...I think the cuffs are complete.


Jamie has a new friend at the Track...Gene Simmons...think Kiss....too cute!


Lisa's Garden...beautiful colors!


Mimi is melting in this heat...and of course a false pregnancy...poor baby!


Nikkers is nomming on Pop because Mom is too busy knitting...sulk....


see Mom? Aren't you jealous?


You know Mom, I love you!


Sputters says: Happy Sunday!


Uncle Dude is looking for a hat to wear through Chemo like Radar used to wear on the TV show, MASH. Any ideas folks?


FYI:  Please go check out Cat Bordhi’s blog and website.  She has awesome wildlife photos and great prose.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading her blog this morning.  ALSO she has just published her first eBook and it includes her newest Sweet Tomato Heel…something we have all been waiting for expectantly.  Not to be missed!

and last but not least…

PICTURE THIS #2:  You are now entitled to two (2) SUPERPOWERS.  First you must choose between being able to FLY (faster than a speeding bullet…WARP speed if you like)  OR  being able to become INVISIBLE (this includes your clothes because having to be naked while invisible sounds icky…your knitting could be invisible with you AND things you touch could be invisible too if you like). WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE?


please post in the comments below…

I choose INVISIBILITY AND IMMORTALITY…because what is the point of having all this incredible yarn if I can’t live long enough to knit it all?  And just think how many cats/pets I could take care of then!!!!!

Preparation for Sock Summit:  I need to bring A stitch dictionary with me.  I am only taking carry on.  I think Barbara Walker Volume Two…and maybe one thin Japanese dictionary.  This is harder than choosing yarn to pack!  Sheesh!  Any suggestions?

Take care, have a lovely Sunday and take time to smell the Roses.  with love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen