my son's grouping of annuals in his experimental garden at the studio


When we pull into the lot at the studio every morning it makes me smile to pull up in front of the fullness of these beautiful flowers.  My son fusses over them first thing and then again when we get back from lunch.  Now that the weather is hotter, we are going to have to stop by on our off days as well to make sure things don’t get wilty.  We had a gentle rainstorm this morning; I could hear it on the roof before I got up.  There were still little drops caught in some of the flowers and on the leaves.  Here is my favorite picture from today of this:

flowers cupping drops of this morning's rain


We had the weekly gathering of The Omigami Heart Tribe.  I think with this full moon our hearts are feeling a little tender with memories of people we have had to part with sooner than we planned.  We still had a great time.  Both Ardis (aka Carol) and Lisa were knitting on the Simple Triangle Goddess Stitch shawl I published sometime in one of June’s blogs about Noro yarn.  When I find it again I will turn in into a pdf so we can all enjoy it…it turns out to be fairly popular here at Summit Yarn.  Lisa is using the last of the Lace Weight Noro and Ardis is using Noro Silk Garden Sock.  They like the pattern because it is versatile and also easy to work on in a social setting…meaning you can talk, knit and not mess up…always a plus.  Lourdes is busy at work on GIOVANNINA  and we are all setting our sights on Franklin Habit’s newest, Anna for August.  Debbie was woefully absent, but making good money…so we missed her but we understand.  YOU GO GIRL!  Be sure to be here next week though…that’s when we start our magic loop sock club kits together.

Skacel's Multitonal Filigran...the yarn GIOVANNINA calls for ( I have the same green Franklin knit it in if you are interested).


Lourde's shawl so far...I love the smooth transitions of color in this yarn. This way the lace stitch is not lost in the varying color tones.


I spent the morning and lunch alternating between the final rows of the baby blanket for Frog Tree Yarns in the ever beautiful Pediboo and Uncle Dude’s Chemo Cap, also in Pediboo…bright orange to help keep him feeling cheery.  Lisa and Lourdes both brought goodies.  Lourdes brought Brian, my son, plants for his garden…yellow seedum and lungwort.  We are taking these home to our secret robin paradise garden today.  We have a spot just for them and some garden art to mark them.  Lisa brought a basket full of goodies for dinner tonight…eggs, lettuce, basil, swiss chard, blueberries ( I feel a crumble coming on…) and a beautiful vase of fresh cut flowers.  The flowers are right here next to me.  LISA:  did you notice the one coneflower is the exact color of Dream in Color Smooshy you got last week?  Love that color.  Here are photos:

Garden Dinner Basket...YUM!


One of many photos I took of this flower arrangement. I am going over to Lisa's this week and hope to spend some time in her garden with my camera. Her garden is a living art exhibition and I love being there.


After lunch today, Brian and I went out and dead-headed the flowers and strawberries where it was needed.  The sunflowers are amazing and prolific.  The bees are loving them at noontime each day.  We have more blooms on the way.  The Swiss Chard is recovering from The Chard Bandit (I hope you choke on that…you know who you are).  We are already planning next year’s garden and electric fence.

Sunflowers at Summit Yarn thanks to Brian Langieri and his green thumb.


If you are on Ravelry and would like a FREE PATTERN TODAY:  Go to the BABY BOWS CAP (search on the Pattern Page).  It is adorable and unisex.  The stitch pattern makes it interesting to knit and I plan to make a couple to take to Sock Summit for the baby shower.

Other items of interest on Ravelry:

>Stephen West is starting a KAL on August 1st.  You can purchase the pattern for $4 (or later for $6).  I plan on playing along and will be posting here about the KAL.  Join in the fray!  I am sure there will also be a KAL page on Ravelry for this and you should absolutely follow that as well.

>Franklin Habit’s newest (and I think best ever) shawl will be released for sale sometime in August.  It is dedicated sweetly to his mother, Anna.  Go to his blog:  The Panopticon Blog to check out photos of this creation.

>Rosemary Hill:  IS A LACE GENIUS.  Period.  The End.  She is to lace what Hanne Falkenberg is to sweaters.  I read over all the posted projects for ALCYONE last night and nobody mentioned the incredible architectural feat she did in this shawl.  Martha just knit it and I posted a photo yesterday and she did not mention THIS THING.  ROMI used short rows in a way I have not encountered before; sure there are no “wrap and turns” or “unwraps”  but the real genius goes way beyond this in how she concealed the short rows.  No.  That is all I am going to say.  You simply must go check this out for yourself if you care at all about your lace education.  I am enthralled.  Thank You Romi Hill!

>Cat Bordhi has also released her first eBook and it is splendiferous (a Tigger reference here is more than apropriate).  This book has both her newest heel architecture AND some new ideas about short rows she invented this past winter.  Again, she is one of just a few knitting architecture GURUS and if this is an area of knitting that interests you…then read everything she has written.  You will be glad.  Her gift is knowing how to get into that quiet place of stillness in her heart and actually listen to it.  Hard to do in the middle of a fast paced life.  Her blog is wonderful and a beckoning hand to help us all feel that same inner peace.  Just Google Cat Bordhi and her home page will appear.  Go there and read her blog.  My favorite blog is the one where she describes a meeting between a large river otter and an unsuspecting deer.

>If you write a blog, treat yourself.  Go to the stats page and click on some of the people who have read your blog…even if the address seems unlikely.  I clicked on “” yesterday and discovered a wonderful knitting blog quite by accident; great photos and great vibes to revel in.

>Finally, Debbie has just texted me:  the Free Triangle Shawl pattern was posted within the text of my blog on JUNE 8TH of this year.  THANK YOU DEBBIE!

Take care and look for a new page to appear soon at the top of this blog just for the pets of Summit Yarn.  Nikkers has discovered the cat in the iPad and the phone and it is hilarious.  Will upload those photos for you soon!

with love, laughter and radiant healing light,  Mary Ellen